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Old 2007-08-01, 09:06   Link #681
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Jesus Christ at most of the post's above and page 34. Most of you who are claiming Tobi is not Madara is either not reading the damn post's or your all just too damn ignorant and you actually expect us to take your word, over real translators, over people who understand / are fluent in Japanese, over the way the Japanese language / literature works.

This is the last time I will say this, you are reading what Tobi says in a direct English translation without any of the words rearranged, the Kanji for the sentence IN Japanese states Madara is referring him self as a 3rd person, exactly as Zabuza did during his arc by using the word "kono" its very cliché for villains, and gives them an air of arrogance. To some one who is fluent with Japanese / a Japanese person, they understand it perfectly, it is not ambiguous to them. Only when translated to English directly it seems that way, because that is the nature of the English language / literature.

Go read this if you still don’t get it then read this post which explains what the last post means, more thoroughly. RTFT's, and if after that you still feel the way you feel, then I give up.

Originally Posted by Suna no tate View Post
how come no spoilers yet on the next chp?

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Old 2007-08-01, 09:39   Link #682
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Originally Posted by Uchiha_hai View Post
Must you capitalize every singe first letter?

Were not even sure about the Tengu part because it was just a theory someone came up with, Kishi has not stated anywhere in the Manga about any Tengu. As up to now, Tobi is pretty much Madara, so hopefully the next chapter will confirm it or tell us who the masked dude really is.
ye true...but the person I read that theory off was backing up everything they were the temple sasuke went to n that. ye it is true we dont kno anything bout that yet but it is possible.

Originally Posted by Sasuke_Bateman View Post
Dude the kid got crush by rocks he's dead.
yo his the only one eyed sharingan user we kno (other than kakashi). but obviously kakashi ent a bad guy. who would wear a mask with one hole in. he only has one sharingan seeing as kakashi took the other. it makes more sense that obito is alive after being saved by zetsu. after all he was zetsu suburdinate. zetsu saved him n reccomended him to akatsuki
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Old 2007-08-01, 09:48   Link #683
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misleading info and images thats all.
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Old 2007-08-01, 14:00   Link #684
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Originally Posted by sasuke2007 View Post
yo his the only one eyed sharingan user we kno (other than kakashi). but obviously kakashi ent a bad guy. who would wear a mask with one hole in. he only has one sharingan seeing as kakashi took the other. it makes more sense that obito is alive after being saved by zetsu. after all he was zetsu suburdinate. zetsu saved him n reccomended him to akatsuki
That's my logic also, but I guess there are a lot of skeptics. *sarcasm* Some guys just want to cover up working eyes and only use one sharingan when they have two. They say it's Madara so we wait and see.
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Old 2007-08-01, 14:08   Link #685
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The two statements are not mutually exclusive. Madara is Tobi, we know that now. However, a name is simply a label. My theory is that Obito started calling himself Madara after having half of his body crushed by rocks and abandoning his clan and village (because he didn't want them to actually know who he was). Then, when he wanted to watch over Akatsuki without drawing too much attention to himself (and since the name Madara has apparently gained some amount of infamy in the last 15 years) he decided to call himself Tobi, which was a play off of his original name. I've stated this earlier, but for the benefit of people who obviously don't read the entirety of threads before posting, I'll post it again. I know that this is entirely unprovable, but there are no major holes that can be punched in my theory except for the fact that Obito would have to have been known by the Kyuubi within one year of taking on the name of Madara. However, as we've seen with the major events in Itachi's life compared to the major events in Orochimaru's life, Kishi is sometimes inconsistent or unrealistic with his timelines, so we'll see.
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Old 2007-08-01, 20:24   Link #686
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I dont think Tobi is Madara.
First it doesnt make sense how he could travel so fast to the location where the leader of akatasuki is.
*There is like a change of character when we see Madara.
In my opinion, Madara was the one that save tobi and gave tobi one of his eyes.
I know, it doesnt make sense.
But Madara is not Tobi. It wouldnt add up.
And Madara, is suppouse to be a legendery Ninja that even the Nine Tail knew about.

Some people talk about the rock crushing Obito, and after that the body disappear to the ground and never been seen again. And, like in most anime/manga, if there is no body there is like 99.99% that the guy is alive. Remember this is a manga, we cant apply normal real laws to this type of stuff.
My guess, Madara found Obito, wipe his memory clean and gave him one of his eye to Tobi and named him Tobi.
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Old 2007-08-01, 23:29   Link #687
start thinkin bout clones
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madara and tobi are 2 different people with the same mask....brilliant!

i rather that be true lol
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Old 2007-08-02, 04:22   Link #688
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Originally Posted by nine_tailed_kyuubi View Post
I really don't know, the guy said " Behold the true power of the sharingan , Uchiha Madara's Power "so it is 2 options : the first one he has uchiha madara's power and he is not madara himself, the second one is that he really thinks a lot of himself and is referring to himself : Uchiha Madara's power , as if he is talking about himself that he is really mighty and awesome but i don't think so the only 1 to be alive is obito and if so he is going to kill kakashi.
I think he is just talking about the sharingan being the power of the uchiha and the first person to ever exhibit the power of the sharingan the true and full power not the deluted version of it caused by generations of cross breeding was madara, the first person to have so he is referred to when talking about its ultimate power as if to say " behold the sharigan, the power of uchiha madara, the power of me..." does anyone get it now?

My new thought actually stems from all three of them being sarutobi's students, the foruth and the other two.

the reason for peins looking liek naruto being his last encounter with him and the way in which he used the seal jutsu caused him to look like that and have those werid eyes plus he was left weak and maybe loss of memory or something( who knows yet lol) and entered the boarderig willage of the rain where he became a shinobi for, at least for a while until his former teammates and him formed AK

at least thats the short version
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Old 2007-08-02, 18:44   Link #689
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The beginning and end of this chapter mirror each other in that one Akatsuki member is commenting on how their partner seems to be crying. Itachi is reflecting on his brother Sasuke (and how he was nearly killed) and Pein is thinking about his upcoming battle with Naruto. Given that Pein looks a lot like Naruto, I think we're meant to believe that there is a connection between Naruto and Pein. Maybe they are also brothers, which would suck for Pein because since he has never lost a fight, he would have to kill his brother.
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