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Old 2004-02-24, 05:14   Link #1
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Fourth Rasengan User??? SPOILERS!!!!

Well I was just wondering about what Jiraiya(sp) said when he was teaching Naruto his jutsu:

[*spoiler*]When he taught Naruto, he said that Naruto is the fourth rasengan user. That would leave the fourth, Jiraiya, Naruto and who else?[*/spoiler*]

Maybe this has been covered in another thread but I searched and I got three pages of threads, I don't have that type of time. So if it has been covered close it or whatever, but its just a thought.
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Old 2004-02-24, 07:12   Link #2
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Well, there was a blatantly labelled thread called something like Final information on the rasengan or something which you could have checked out, the answer is contained in that thread.

Basically, Jiraiya doesnt say that, dunno what you're on about, there is a dodgy translation (in the version I have) in one of the chapters (153, page 8) where Naruto echo's Jiraiya's earlier words about mastering the rasengan, but its been translated badly and instead of saying mastering the 4th's jutsu, it says becoming the 4th master of the jutsu.

Later, when Tsunade see's Naruto perform the rasengan, she clearly states that only the 4th and Jiraiya knew it.

Last edited by NoSanninWa; 2004-02-24 at 17:52. Reason: Added link because I didn't want to increase my post count.
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Old 2004-02-24, 11:21   Link #3
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thanks for answering I couldn't resist asking. Apologies to the lords of the forum.
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