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Old 2007-07-21, 15:34   Link #101
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Rebirth and Death


Yep, fellows! This Hinamizawa is including all those tidbits and pieces of information related to the previous season.

It was just good, school days full with sunshine. Children playing outdoors in the grassy fields. Satoko booby-trapping the entire yard, so as to make Keiichi miserable. Shion getting transferred to nurse our cute, devil-moe Satoko.

Shion in Hinamizawa?! What could she be doing in here?!

Oh, my God! I just got an epiphany. Since Hinamizawa is the village of the oni, it is logical to assume maybe, but maybe (even though I'm ludicrous for saying this) that most if not all of the villagers are half-human/half-oni hybrids.

<insert lol here>I would not mind to get eaten by my moedorable Rika. I mean I found out that she's a human-oni hybrid.</insert>

And not fair of Rena to hog all the cute loli and trying to take them all home by herself.

But, again Rena surprises by pulling out the ultimate loli adorable killing move.

Unfortunately, this dream cannot last. That ***ch Takano is back, as she always does and spoils peace and tranquility. This time she sounds more insiduous than on the previous arc.


Don't anyone of you guys would die of bliss had you get a chance to be patted on the head by Rika?

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Old 2007-07-31, 20:54   Link #102
Tsubaki Risa
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This is my favourite episode of Kai so far, cause it's fun. =3
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Old 2007-08-07, 00:28   Link #103
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I know it's a bit late but I just had a few comments on everyone's surprise at Shion's new stance towards Satoko.

The writers really know what they are doing having Shion do this "180" with Satoko.

Shion had/has strong feelings for Satoshi and has an equally strong need to express them somehow. Satoko, being Satoshi's one and only beloved sister is the most obvious person to channel those feelings through now that Satoshi has gone missing. Those "strong feelings" can easily manifest either as love or hate. It would be more of a surprise to me if Shion showed indifference to Satoko.

This dual feeling of love and hate is demonstrated very strongly in the scene of episode 18 where Shion went out of control and nearly strangled Mion until she saw that Mion had the same scares on her fingers. Hate turned to love again at the snap of a finger.

The other thing is, yes, it seems that the main characters are unconsciously evolving from arc to arc. So, Shion has learned from her past mistakes.
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Old 2010-04-10, 08:45   Link #104
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This was a fun episode, with the zombie game, and Keichi and Satako's antics in the classroom. As many of have already said interesting change in Shion for this chapter. Although she's in it very briefly I have a feeling this is what she was like back in Tatarikoroshi chapter.
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