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Old 2007-08-09, 04:09   Link #1
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Re-encoding Help

Hi. I am pretty new to reencoding videos. I have a PMP which supports XviD (No GMC tho), and does not support AAC/AC3 audio tracks. I am using VirtualDubMod1.5.10 to reencode my Audio tracks to Mp3. I have installed LAME Mp3 ACM

However, when I try to reencode the Audio Track, I selected 192kb/s Mp3 48kHz, it comes out as 128kb/s Mp3 48kHz. Done this twice and still like this. This is the picture

Any reasons why I keep downsizing the audio?

Secondly, I want to ask about encoding H264 softsubs mkv. From, I see that you need to use AviSynth of something. I have tried it, but i get a plain texted subs instead of the styled subs. How to do you hardsub style subs then?

Thanks for reading my post and thanks in advance for helping me
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Old 2007-08-11, 17:18   Link #2
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I've never used VirtualDubmod's audio encoding, because the results were always a bit weird. I'd guess that I wasn't using it correctly, but there's really no reason to use it if you have a different audio encoder, anyway.

What I recommend for the audio is to re-encode it in a separate program. I like to use CDeX, which is an older program and doesn't have a very intuitive GUI (you need to set your audio settings in the preferences before doing anything), but it works very nicely. I believe unofficial updated releases are on the internet as well; you may want to try using one of those.

What you'll want to do is separate the audio file from the video. Access the Streams panel (it should be under Tools or Options; not running Windows at the moment so I can't verify it for you). You should see at least two things that are selectable; one of them is the video file, the other would be the audio track. If there's a third thing, it's likely a subtitle file (if your video source uses softsubs). Select the audio track (it should be relatively obvious) and hit "Demux" to bring up a save as screen. Save it wherever you like - now you have the audio file! Now go to CDeX or your program of choice and do the conversion. To add your converted file back, hit "Add" in the streams dialogue and add your converted file. Select the original audio and click on Disable. Now when you do the encode, unless you have VirtualDub set to redo audio, it should come out the way you want.

As for H264 softsubs, it shouldn't be too different from any other softsubs. Virtualdubmod is generally not recommended for working with MKVs, although for basic things it can get the job done. Avisynth is generally used for creating text effects (such as the fancy karaoke that you see in fansubs) and for advanced encoding. If you're just bundling softsubs, add your softsub file to the Streams dialogue. If the timings are right and it's a valid softsub file, it should work well enough. There's probably a better method, but I don't know if it.

If you want to encode hardsubs (which seems to be your real question; sorry) you'd need to use the Gabest textsub filter, I believe. Use Avisynth for any text effects that you want. I can't help you more on that point because I was never an encoder or karaoke effects artist! Hopefully that'll help you, though.
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