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Old 2007-08-08, 17:25   Link #161
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The cops' discussion of volcanic gas was the "rumors" going around since Hinamizawa was reopened. As the junior officer said, it would be hard to tell after so many years had passed. Anyway, that's only an issue in the case of a major gas eruption containing hydrogen sulfide. To kill off everyone in a valley, one does not need as high a concentration for as long a duration as would come from a real eruption, and other, less corrosive gases are also effective, so the lack of evidence actually would suggest to me only that this was a controlled event and quickly cleaned up. The people obviously died from poison, and there were actually several adults among those in the school(I checked). My guess would be that the Three Families and the children were considered a higher risk, because the Three Families live on slightly higher ground(if I remember right) and are more knowledgeable, so they might suspect something and try to resist, and because not only are the children more difficult to catch and possibly healthy enough to survive longer than others, they also are more observant and curious, so again they might suspect something and try to resist. Perhaps some ploy was devised to gather the "governing" bodies of the town as well as teachers and students.
If I remember right, the ravine is a bit of a way away from town, and is blocked by some varied terrain that might block some of the gases. To be flowing so fast, it would have to be on a steep slope in the mountains. Moreover, wind and water would dilute the gases quickly, and you'd flow out of danger before you'd taken too many breaths. Frankly, it still seems plausible that someone had released a large amount of poison gas and then quickly come in to clean away any evidence and ensure the 100% death count.
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Old 2007-08-09, 19:43   Link #162
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Spoiler for higurashi:
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Old 2007-08-11, 14:34   Link #163
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That's right, Oishi you came late and lost the only piece of evidence to unravel the perpetrators of Rika-chan's murder.

Yakusamashi-hen was definitely a parallel reinterpretation of both Tatarigoroshi-hen and Himatsubushi-hen somewhat.

But replacing Keiichi with Satoko as the main player, and Satoko with Rika as the victim from the former Hinamizawa to the latter Hinamizawa.

The change roles added a new layer of depth, as we were finally witness to the actions of the men in green.

Satoko in Yakusamashi-hen went through the same experience as Keiichi did in Tatarigoroshi-hen after finding her way out of the river and back to the village.

Oishi's theory and Rika's message is all needed to finally let loose another knot of the mystery.
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Old 2007-08-11, 15:49   Link #164
Join Date: Aug 2007
Satoko was hardly living out her "ideal life", considering all that went on in that arc, and the absence of her brother. It could also be argued that she is the one who went paranoid in that chapter, though for good reason. She lost faith in her friends.

To say there are no supernatural forces at work is definately false, given that we at least know that June is repeating itself in some way. That kind of thing just doesn't happen naturally.

The murderer is most definately disturbed, but the reasons behind their actions-and who they are-remain a mystery to most of us. Throughout the first season, we saw how easilly and how quickly and innocent person could be driven to commit murder, through jealousy, anger, and even love. The murderer has wronged, but there is likely more to it than we realize.
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Old 2007-08-11, 17:21   Link #165
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Well her life went as ideal as it can be considering this world. It's not like an ideal life overall but considering what happens generally in that place. Nothing really bad happened to her friends before their murder and there wasn't something incredibly bad that happened to Satoko before the disaster happened. No uncle coming back to abuse her or anything outside of the standard life she could have there. While certainly it isn't the best life that could ever happen to a person for her it was pretty ideal.

After all I don't think it's paranoia if your right . Rika most likely didn't care since she'd given up on trying to do anything. She wasn't losing it since people really did come and she was murdered at the very end of it.

Of course we've got our supernatural forces with the repetition of June. But in terms of the murder of Rika and the killing of the villagers there wasn't some supernatural force that did that it was human beings. Only thing that keeps things from ending like that is the power to repeat that month.

I'm sure we'll find out just who is behind all of this soon. Hiring these guys to kill Rika and take down a village leaving no witnesses that can say anything about it. Going to be tough to deal with this since the enemy has quite a bit of power after all.
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Old 2007-08-11, 17:29   Link #166
Join Date: Aug 2007
I think it's safe to say they only wanted no witnesses of the murder of Rika, since Rena was a witness to the gas disaster, more than likely, back in the last arc of the first season.
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Old 2007-08-11, 21:57   Link #167
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Originally Posted by StrayChild View Post
I think it's safe to say they only wanted no witnesses of the murder of Rika, since Rena was a witness to the gas disaster, more than likely, back in the last arc of the first season.
No, she was in a mental hospital. Delusory hostage taker after all.
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Old 2007-08-12, 08:53   Link #168
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Amusing detail.

Just noticed: During the TV info flash, they show the road block from above. And how the reporters have such images ? They fley over it by helicopter or what ? So why they didn't film inside Hinamizawa ? There were SAM batteries there too ?

Ok, ok, i am teasing here
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Old 2007-08-13, 05:27   Link #169
Witch of Betrayal
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I've only watched the anime this far and it seems the ultimate objective of the conspirators/mastermind who commands those para-military janitor guys is to wipe out the village's residents. But there's still way too much cloudy stuff, of course there is, otherwise watching the rest of the series wouldn't be very interesting. Here's the main points I'm wondering about:

1) The poisoning of the village residents is clearly premeditated and carried out by some conspirators, it's not natural. Why massacre the village? It's not worth doing just for the dam project, that's for sure. The dam is just a plot device for other things. It could be to get rid of the mysterious disease/parasite that causes insanity...

2) The "janitors" that eviscerate Rika at the shrine must be in league with the poisoners, because they are also hunting down all survivors. What's the point in doing that to Rika right before they're going to massacre everyone anyways?
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Old 2007-08-13, 07:02   Link #170
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That was rather brilliant. Not only was the animation on top form for this episode, though finally we hear some new BGM's from Kawai --- upto now they've just been using stuff from the first series, so yay, new material which was very good.

Since the start of this season, i've been waiting for something awesome Keiichi related, and it delivered this episode. I hope Keiichi becomes more of a big layer for this arc, 'cause it does seem that way from this episode. Some of his shocked expressions about the setting arrangement were interesting, classic Higurashi.

Also, i love how easy it is to tell that Ryukishi07 was a part of this.
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Old 2007-08-13, 08:20   Link #171
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Originally Posted by k//eternal View Post
Note: Like the above post I made, this is also conjecture on the mastermind(s).
Spoiler for on who could be the master mind based on what we know so far:
Higurashi: Its a bit like watching a trainwreck, except you keep getting to see different trains wrecking with roughly the same passengers, into a variety of different objects. Also, the trains are driven by monkeys. On LSD.
click to play

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Old 2007-08-13, 10:26   Link #172
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So many good theories floating around. I have been so obessed with thinking about possible outcomes i havent been able to concentrate on anything else for days. WHich is the reason why i love Higurashi so much not just another mindless anime this one makes you think. Im still sticking to the theory i posted a few pages back at least for now
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Old 2010-05-01, 01:38   Link #173
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Oh wow, quite the episode. It was really hard to make out what was happening in the first quarter or so of the episode, because it was so dark. Was this done in a way to sort of replicate the experience of the sound novels? Add in the subtitles and it kind of gives that effect I suppose. Alot of questions were answered, holes were filled in, but again more questions were raised, After reading what you people think, I'm still trying to formulate my own theories with this episode.

Here are a couple I came up with though,
I think Rika was killed because they believed the hype around her, that she could see the foretell the future, and would be able to warn the people of the coming disaster, and Irie was killed because He might know how to stop the treat whatever bio-attack it is they had planned.
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Old 2013-06-16, 06:53   Link #174
Join Date: Dec 2006
Well, it was a well made episode, but I am getting tired of people suffering all the time.
It becoming more and more common in Higurashi that many characters will suffer immensly. The experiences Sototko has lived through during her short life is just staggering. One torment after an other. Just feels meaningless
Also there seems so many swines who are part of whatever conspiracy that is going on. That nurse is just such a bitch it's hard to describe.
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