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Old 2007-08-14, 16:21   Link #21
back in black
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sasuke : overconfident
sakura : sasuke is her weakness
naruto : hot headed
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Old 2007-08-15, 15:33   Link #22
epic hero
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I heard somewhere that Naruto's flaw is that he refuses to see and accept the world around him. I really don't think that is the case because he somehow manages to find the right path when everything seems hopeless. I think that he does this out of his own tragedy and life because he constantly finds people that some way or another resemble himself and he understands the hardships of people. Maybe in part 1 but by the middle and end, he becomes more wise and puts his heart into his work.
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Old 2007-08-15, 18:42   Link #23
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The seven deadly sins are suppose to be the greatest character flaws you can have. Of course they are only really used in the Christian West and not Japan, but it's interesting to see how a number of Naruto characters fit into them.

Lust - Sakura, Ino. Both let their attraction to Sasuke blind them to his flaws.

Gluttony - Chouji. No explanation needed.

Sloth - Shikamaru. Ditto

Greed - Orochimaru. Oro's desire to learn every jutsu and immortality.

Wrath - Gaara, Sasuke. Gaara in Part 1. Sasuke's desire to kill his brother. Even if it means giving up his soul.

Envy - Naruto. Part of what drives Naruto is to be better than others. Particularly Sasuke whose abilities he envy's

Pride - Neji, Sasuke. The Neji of Part 1 is a classic example of an arrogant jerk. Lately Sasuke has taken this sin.
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