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Old 2007-08-15, 11:19   Link #41
Spiff'd Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Maria-san just couldn't get enough of the karaoke box... She's so funny.

Nagi just stole my heart this episode. The hamster name-calling never gets old. BURGLAR HAMSTER! TRESPASSING HAMSTER! ^^;;
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Old 2007-08-15, 17:46   Link #42
Join Date: Oct 2006
Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
hamster girl sings bad because she doesnt have her own theme yet >.<

pretty meh ep...highlight for me was maria
Indeed death...Indeed.

Only thing I was sad about is we didn't get her to sing more...sigh...

Oh and if that was isumi's character song its a whole lot different from the other ones they used...very elegant and un-pop like, but I guess that suits isumi doesn't it.

No matter what enemy. No matter what ally. Mowing everything down with maximum destructive power.

That is...

"The White Devil of the Administration Bureau"
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Old 2007-08-15, 17:54   Link #43
Somehow I found out
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Age: 34
Originally Posted by NibelungTaisa View Post
i was just thinking about the sunflower fields, the net, that one hat the middle girl wore, the watermelon, the "let's go catch beetles", that one fly on the tree, and the cicada bg sound...i only saw lamune one time a long time ago so i might be mistaken...btw im referring to time frame around 4 minutes
Ah, I see. I thought you were referring to the scene right at the beginning with Hayate and the hose. After rewatching the scene, you may be on to something, but it is still a touch too ambiguous to say for certain. It could just be parodying the generic summer setting.
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Old 2007-08-15, 19:51   Link #44
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Does anyone know what Gotenshou Bakushinken translates into or where it's from?
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Old 2007-08-15, 21:51   Link #45
Join Date: Apr 2006
I am thinking in one of the street fighter or third strike. Either that, or it could be somewhere in KOF. It is definintly a fighting move so the sources must come from one of these.
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Old 2007-08-16, 18:45   Link #46
sensei no pet
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Virginia, USA
Originally Posted by Sinestra View Post
Does anyone know where i cant pick up a copy of Ultimate moves for dummies?
Can't. There was only one copy printed and Nagi torched it.

So who's going to translate the titles of all those books? Xvid isn't good enough for me to make out more than "Maid" written on one of the dekiru books.

Originally Posted by suguru View Post
Although if she picked cooking, I've got to think Nishizawa would win huge...
How true. I don't think anyone can compete with Ayumu when it comes to food.

Originally Posted by Cruel View Post
Maria-san just couldn't get enough of the karaoke box... She's so funny.

Nagi just stole my heart this episode. The hamster name-calling never gets old. BURGLAR HAMSTER! TRESPASSING HAMSTER! ^^;;
It'll probably be "HAMSTER THAT CAN'T SING" next time.

Maria is adorable when put in an unfamiliar situation. She's usually so calm and confident, but whether it's karaoke or subway trains, she's easily excited.

She needs to sing more. Definitely.

PS. lolz at "Ai-dollar-M@ster"
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Old 2007-08-17, 15:01   Link #47
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Age: 25
When the narrator says "Next week we'll be fighting against height limit" I thought there would be Hinagiku in there but it doesn't seem that way looking at the preview ... she's probably still at home completing her next summer assignment

Good episode though

"FOUND YOU!" ~Taiga
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Old 2007-08-18, 06:59   Link #48
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Can somebody upload some few references in this episode that they censored out? I Just watch this for the first time.
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Old 2007-08-18, 17:33   Link #49
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Location: Monterrey, México
Age: 37
What to do for the summer holidays?

Do as the "Three Stooges" and go bug hunting, bringing along with you your lazy teacher, who surely is spending time indulging with the booze.


Follow Hinagiku's example and be a model student by doing first your homework reports, then saving the fun for the last.


Read a book that will actually stimulate your imagination or instruct you to learn a skill, but not to make you feel intelligent; manga is for your personal enjoyment.


Challenge your rival with a karaoke singing session, but never duel against the rich folks because since childhood they have been provided with singing and musical, particular lessons.
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