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Old 2007-08-16, 19:36   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Uchikatsu View Post
No one else deserves a gaiden. Anything else will be flashbacked.
I agree Kakashi only had his because it was to explain how Kakashi obtained sharingan, how his friends died(what happened to Rin?) and how he was the grinch to the nice grinch.
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Old 2007-08-16, 20:02   Link #22
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I would be happy if we managed to see a Gaiden at all...I was let down at the fact we didn't see Kakash's Gaiden prior to Part 2.... I really hope we get to see it some day.
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Old 2007-08-17, 01:55   Link #23
duel me
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I would like to see a yondaime gaiden, but it wont happen. As it was said he isnt important enough for the story.

The reason there was a gaiden at all with Kakashi is because he got a very central role in the story and he had a lot of unexplained stuff evolving around him.
Already when fighting Zabuza Sasuske said that it should not be possible for him to have sharingan and explained why, it was the first or second mystery introduced.
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Old 2007-08-17, 12:51   Link #24
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Originally Posted by BlackShinobi07 View Post
Itachi and Yondaime are two of the most powerful and mysterious characters in the manga. Since many people are saying shippuden is coming to close, is it possible we could see a series dedicated to their past? It would explain a lot and answer many, many questions that have been debated to death. Maybe everything will be explaind in the mangas current continuity, but i think a gaiden for either of these two would be great, especailly Itachi. It could reveal where he always went when he skipped his anbu missions, show his relationship with shisui, how Itachi became so evil, who trained him, when he was recruited into akatsuki, who recruited him, and even why he killed his entier clan without a ceond thought, or if he had a second thought that could be revealed to.
As for yondaime, the questions boiling on everyones mind would finally be answered.

What do you guys think? Also, if else who you think deserves a "Kakashi gaden" of their own?
We already did. Itach: from Sasuke vs Naruto Yondaime:from Kakashi gaiden.
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Old 2007-08-18, 11:54   Link #25
warmachine v2.0
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I think that we should see a Shodaime gaiden. All we know is that he had motukon, a brother, was friends with Sandaime, and his life kinda paralleled Naruto's and his relationship with Sasuke. What did he leave for? How did he get Motukon? How'd he die? WTF made his statue in the valley of the end? Too many questions left unanswered.
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Old 2007-08-18, 14:25   Link #26
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Originally Posted by hidantheimmortal View Post
We already did. Itach: from Sasuke vs Naruto Yondaime:from Kakashi gaiden.
Since you already learned about Yondaime from the Kakshi Giaden im sre you can answer a few questions that have been bugging me.
-Is he related to Naruto in any way?
-Does he have any family?
-What kind of jutsus did he use?
-How did he single handedly take out that entire rock ninja army that the konanha ninja were struggling against?
-what is his affinity(s)?


-What did Itachi do when he skipped his anbu missions?
-Who trained him?
-How does he know about a 3rd MS user?
-When and where did he meet and join Akatsuki?

If you can answer these i've got plenty more, if you don't mind giving some answers of course.

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Old 2007-08-18, 18:16   Link #27
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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
A Kage Ho-Ka-Mizu-Rai
You forgot the earth one, the name of which escapes me at the moment...

Don't approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side.
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Old 2007-08-18, 18:46   Link #28
duel me
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* Hokage (火影, literally "Fire Shadow"?) Kage of Konohagakure.
* Kazekage (風影, literally "Wind Shadow"?) Kage of Sunagakure.
* Mizukage (水影, literally "Water Shadow"?) Kage of Kirigakure.
* Raikage (雷影, literally "Lightning Shadow"?) Kage of Kumogakure.
* Tsuchikage (土影, literally "Earth Shadow"?) Kage of Iwagakure.

The anime introduced a sixth Kage, the Hoshikage (星影, literally "Star Shadow"?) from Hoshigakure. However, this was a self-given title and not officially recognized by the five other villages. Orochimaru, founder and leader of Otogakure, is also referred to as Otokage (音影, literally "Sound Shadow"?) by some fans.
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Old 2007-08-19, 08:03   Link #29
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The Sannin gaiden. That will show the third pass.Ora, pass and his family death, the fourth and the whole deom thing. With a little extra stuff.
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