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Old 2007-08-20, 01:59   Link #1
It's the year 3030...
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Questions about Mangekyou Sharingan[Manga Spoilers]

I advise you not to read this if you haven't read the manga and you don't want a serious surprise to be ruined
Spoiler for Sasuke Manga:
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Old 2007-08-20, 04:05   Link #2
duel me
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You really dont need spoiler tags since its in topic.

I dont think Sasuke has aquired MS yet. It is just basic genjutsu that even kakashi used against zabuza to show him images of what he should do next.
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Old 2007-08-20, 04:13   Link #3
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I am still wondering how Kakashi got hi (version) of MS.
This is a big mystery.

But it has to be during the 2/3 years of the timeskip.
There is left , Kishi left himself the "space" for a bunch of explanations.

I am sure we will see some arcs for how Kakashi obtained the MS.

FOr Sasuke:

I don't know, i mean, if he got the MS, why he didn't use it yet, especially in the fight with Deidara.
Damn, he was almost killed at that time, only with "help" he survived.
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Old 2007-08-20, 05:21   Link #4
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If he has it he will show it in the fight with itachi. but I think he will get the MS after he killed and did the riverdance on itachi. blam.
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Old 2007-08-20, 06:45   Link #5
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After you, Sasuke must gambling with his life

Cause, not using the MS should have costed him his life in the fight vs. Deidara.

Ehm, how are you thinking is Sasuke gonna kill of Itachi with normal Sharingan vs. MS ?
Better getting it before he really! intends to kill Itachi.
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Old 2007-08-20, 06:58   Link #6
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Since they didnt show his eyes change in anyway I think it was just a simple genjutsu.
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Old 2007-08-20, 08:25   Link #7
Itachi lied... I DID IT!!
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First off, i think there are plenty of MS topics all over this forum, and

You guys are all forgetting why Sasuke didnt kill Naruto at the Valley of i forgot the name (lol). but he said he didnt want to get MS (or get stronger) the same way Itachi did (I.E killing Naruto his best friend). The reason he didnt use MS (if he did have it) when he fought Deidera was because he didnt want to get stronger the same way Itachi did.

There is also the fact that no one could teach him the secrets of MS. Itachi maybe had planned to kill his entire clan after knowing all the secrets of MS, but Sasuke had to learn everything about using the sharingan by himself. Maybe Genjutsu was always Itachi's specialty and so he could use MS to his full potential using all of its Genjustu tricks. Kakashi has MS, but all he is known for is being a copy cat, which is just a basic ability of the Sharingan, cuz he had to learn it himself. If you remember all sasuke did with his sharingan was read people's movements and dodge them, this is because he did not have anyone to teach him everything about the sharingan. Thus even if he did have MS when he fought deidera, he couldnt have used tsukyomi or any other cool MS jutsu because he would have to teach it himself.

Also, how in the world could regular sharingan possibly do "spatial time ninjutsu" like he did to get away from the Deidera suicide bomber?
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Old 2007-08-20, 11:06   Link #8
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Originally Posted by UchihaJustin View Post
First off, i think there are plenty of MS topics all over this forum
Amen. Beside there is not much else to say than "yes I think so" or "no I don't".
Thread closed.
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