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Old 2007-08-22, 09:45   Link #21
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Arabian world
Age: 29
sorry , I was to lazy & I didn't expect someone will need it

OK , but I warn you , my english is crap

-- Original written by Haider Ben Abu Baker

name = "gradient"
description = "Stupid gradient Effect "

configuration = {}
version, kind = 3, 'basic_ass'


function do_syllable(meta, styles, config, line, syl)
         local output = {n=0} 
         local + line.centerleft 
         local y = 40


                       l = copy_line(line) 
                       l.text = string.format("{\\an8\\pos(%d,%d)\\1c&H0000FF&}%s",x,y, 

                       l.layer = 0  -- put the red (copy?) at lower layer
                       table.insert(output, l) 

-- make 15 copies , each one will be at seprate layer  

	for i = 0,14 do   

                       l = copy_line(line) 
                       l.text = string.format("{\\be1\\an8\\pos(%d,%d)\\1c&H%02X%02XFF&\\clip

(0,0,640,%d)}%s",x,y,i*5,i*20+10,62-i ,syl.text_stripped) 

                       l.layer = i   --put every copy at a layer equals to the loop variable 
		            -- that mean , every layer will be at top of the (previos)	

                       table.insert(output, l) 

 return output 



s",x,y,i*5,i*20+10,62-i ,syl.text_stripped)

will , it's hard to say it in english }{

I just chnge the color of each copy & tried to make change for (red) to yellow
by using this format (1c&H%02X%02XFF)

the red chaneel is (constat) but blue &green are change throw the loop ,
I just add\multiply to the loop variable to icrease Blue & Green , so the color goes from red\orange\yellow
%02X convert loop variable to Hexadicimal

for \clip , it clips the text form the center (62 atthis case ) then decrease the place to clip by the loop cariable (62-i) .


oh yeah , if wish to move the text , change that two copies with this

l = copy_line(line)
l.text = string.format("{\\an8\\move(%d,%d,%d,%d)\\1c&H0000 FF&}%s",x,y,x-50,y+50, syl.text_stripped)
l.layer = 0
table.insert(output, l)

for i = 0,15 do

l = copy_line(line)
l.text = string.format("{\\be1\\an8\\move(%d,%d,%d,%d)\\1c& H%02X%02XFF&\\clip(0,0,640,%d)\\t(\\clip(%d,%d,%d, %d)}%s",x,y,x-50,y+50,i*5,i*20+10,62-i ,0-50,0+50,640-50,(62-i)+50,syl.text_stripped)
l.layer = i
table.insert(output, l)

I know it's Ugly~ and Unreadable , but it works fine(will... the movment is really Ugly...)

now you just have change the (x)&(y) values as you like & then change the 4th clip parameter to the center of the word position (I get it manually coz I don't know a way to get it with Auto\Lua >< jfs may help us with this,,,nooop I don't think he'll did ...Auto3 is dead for him )
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