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Perfect 10 13 28.89%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 16 35.56%
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7 out of 10 : Good 3 6.67%
6 out of 10 : Average 2 4.44%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 2.22%
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Old 2007-08-31, 10:15   Link #61
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Originally Posted by UPR View Post
Hayate always from the begining looked at Nagi as a little sister that needs taking care. You see that from what they thought this ep, while Nagi that more romance; Hayate thought more teaching and protecting. When Hayate was depressed NAgi thought it was because of her while in reality it was about Maria. I don't think that line of thinking (for Hayate) will ever change. In the end Nagi will eventually find out that Hayate never really confessed to her just wanting to kidnap her. If and only if it changes in my view would be a bad ending. I don't think they would put Hina through alot of strain because of it. And also maybe Maria. In the end I think (and should) there will be 3 viable choices 1. Hina ending, 2. Maria ending, or 3. no one. If 3 does happen I would put it on same position as a Nagi ending, just completly bad and put it down to the lower estiolan of manga/anime.
Its possible that Hayate thinking of Nagi could change over time. We have a long way to go and writers could change things if they wanted to. Its possible that series could end with definte hook up of Hayate and anyone. Whomever Hayate chooses it would put a strain on his and Nagi relationship. Since I think Nagi is too young to understand this kind of complex romantic involvement
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Old 2007-08-31, 18:04   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Nagi will blow up, fire him, miss him, and rehire him.
That's sorta what happened when he found her manga, I'd rather not have a repeat.
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Old 2007-08-31, 23:46   Link #63
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man, i need to read the manga. not enough information to see the probable development. by the rumor on things, there is development.
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Old 2007-09-01, 10:12   Link #64
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which web site i can see this anime?
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Old 2007-09-01, 10:16   Link #65
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Just check this page, from which you can download the torrents and then download and watch the episodes.
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Old 2007-09-01, 15:13   Link #66
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I just thought of a way for Hayate to get more money, when he gets old enough, enter the Tour de France! Nagi can fund him and he catch a car going 80! The only real problem would be keeping that speed going.
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Old 2007-09-01, 17:23   Link #67
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nah, just get isumi to pay for him. isumi is like, a solicitor's dream. Legendary Girl EXXX
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Old 2007-09-03, 20:39   Link #68
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You know, it'd be better if Rocky's theme is actually used during the training scene.

Now to the fishing lake: isn't it kind of weird to have fresh- and salt-water fishes living together in a natural spring?

Maria just looks hawt in the fishing gear, isn't she? :3

Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Some nice close up shots of Maria in this episode, especially after the fall.

& lol, best Death Note reference ever in the preview.

Oh, wow. This makes me scared.

EDIT: Nagi blushing over Hayate's so-called bold attempt wins

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Old 2007-09-08, 05:52   Link #69
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Seeing maria x hayate just made my day (but as usual the attention is going to shift again *sigh*)
Maria looks soo awesome when she gets serious - Is there anything she cant do

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Old 2007-10-19, 04:53   Link #70
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I don't understand why Hayate was so depressed when Maria saw him naked. Excessive chivalry, maybe? Certainly not his pOnOs size, that would be a bit too unusual for someone as physically developed as Hayate.

This episode tried my patience a bit, I dislike fanservice of the male, female, and feline variety. First half was great though!
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