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Old 2007-09-09, 04:47   Link #41
You could say.....
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Basically you want to delete a partition, this is about as easy a how to as I can find
EDIT: if you're confused which partition to delete, it's always the second one on the drive in question. Here's an example from my laptop. Ignore the recovery partition on the pic, you shouldn't have one of those.

I'd probably do it differently. Leave 40 gig in the pc and 160 gig in the enclosure. I'd only use the 160 for storage of vids, pics and music. Then I'd use the 20 gig for backup, ie stuff you can't afford to lose, eg pics, bank statements reciepts etc etc. I've got about 15 game installs on an 72 gig HDD and I haven't even come close to cracking 40 gig. I use a high speed 72gig drive for system files and game installs for quick loading. Plus could you really be arsed to reinstall everything again?

Why? Well, with most dvd players/consoles having some form of USB functionality its easy to just plug it in. Plus I prefer to keep boot files and system files separate. If something goes wrong it's just system files that get messed up, which is just a reinstall away.

Or alternatively put the 20 gig in the PC case if you need more space for installs, as a second physical drive if your motherboard can take it, and leave the 160gig in the external case. Just as a word of caution with external enclosures, try to get one with good cooling. Heat kills HDD's. Vantec and Coolermaster make some good enclosures for less than $30USD

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Old 2007-09-09, 06:35   Link #42
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Well the thing is I don't want my brother plugging in my 160 storage drive with all my 'ahem" and stuff. And I'll only use the 20 gb for music(not anime) on that drive and some school work as well and some picture that I take daily..and some videos to..and as for the upcoming 40gb I'll use it for the game installers that I downloaded via torrent..Also I don't mind reinstalling my os because now the drive is so f*cked up with all the errors that happened before and made some weird system error with the plugging of the bluetooth doongle thingy....that why I want to make a clean install again...
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