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Old 2007-09-18, 09:54   Link #21
phantom loser
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: toronto
Age: 34
great teacher onizuka
welcome to the nhk
eureka seven
school rumble

i guess that's my current top 5. i'm only really familiar with newer anime though.
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Old 2007-09-18, 15:23   Link #22
Gundam Boobs and Boom FTW
Join Date: Dec 2005
Outlaw Star
Fate/Stay Night
Cowboy Bebop
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Old 2007-09-18, 18:49   Link #23
Eye Have You
Join Date: Jul 2007
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1.) Full Metal Panic (all seasons) - great mix of action, comedy, and romance.... For my money The Second Raid! has some of the best dramatic scenes and best animated mecha fights in anime

2.) Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - can't be said enough, its a lot of fun to watch...

3.) Bleach - may not be revolutionary or have much depth, but the fight scenes are very well done.... Watching this got me back into anime after a pretty long break for me

4.) Love Hina - not the most sophisticated romance comedy around, but its sweet and funny and made me care for the characters

5.) RahXephon - great take on mecha... I haven't cared so much for a cast of characters in general as I have this one.... this is the way Evangelion should have been done IMO (although I still love EVA)

* I just recently finished Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, and I really loved it. I couldn't bring myself to take any of these out of my top 5, but I have to mention this show because it is so real and touching.
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Old 2007-09-18, 21:35   Link #24
Cherry Blossom~
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Across the Universe
Age: 25
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gotta go with the classics:
1)Cowboy Bebop
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Old 2007-09-18, 22:56   Link #25
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Age: 27
1. Hunter X Hunter
2. One Piece
3. Saiyuki (all of them)
4. Bleach
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Old 2007-09-19, 01:19   Link #26
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Holy cow! I just started watching School Rumble and zomg it is so funny! I'm already on the second season!! I can't wait to try out more of the animes being recommended here! If they are all of this calibre then I'm going to be one of the happiest people alive...atleast for this year
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Old 2007-09-20, 14:13   Link #27
Neko Warrior
Join Date: Sep 2007
1. Fate/Stay Night - Great visual novel adaptation with a good blend of action and romance.

2. Shuffle! - Great romance comedy and one of the only harem animes where you just have no idea who he will pick.

3. Seto no Hanayome - The funniest anime i have ever watched, i nearly cough up blood sometimes because i laugh so much.

4. Claymore - Everything about this anime is Quite a dark action anime which to me didn't seem it would be deep at first but i was completely wrong.

5. Bleach - Some great fight scenes that really are done to near perfection.
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Old 2007-09-20, 20:32   Link #28
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Between Heaven and Earth

2)Magical shopping Arcade Abenobashi,also called Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai

3)Gurren Lagann

4)School Rumble

5)Death Note or Code geass
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Old 2007-09-20, 21:39   Link #29
Join Date: May 2007
I'm so happy that I am not alone in thinking Seto is funny T_T. I Just love seto. And yea, school rumble, fantastic anime. Holy crap I JUST CAN'T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH how i CAN'T WAIT FOR THIRD SEASON!!! school rumble for LIFE!!

But also back on my main question. Melancholy of Suzumia Haruhi, I didn't find it very funny. Only a little bit, and the only part i liked about it was when she was doing the concert (which is my favorite japanese song ><)

And for the person who said death note or code geass, cmon man, nothing beats code geass =D. Death note ending was kinda iffy and it ruined the whole storyline for me.

And I really hate kimi ga nozomu, i can't stand the characters attitudes thats all.
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Old 2007-09-21, 07:32   Link #30
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: philippines
1 suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu
2 shakugan no shana
3 fushigi yugi
4 fate/stay night
5 lucky star
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Old 2007-09-23, 10:38   Link #31
Yummy, sweet and unyuu!!!
Join Date: Dec 2004
1) Rozen Maiden

2) Air TV

3) Card Captor Sakura

4) Kanon 2006

5) Slayers

Once Guardian of the Sacred Spirit finishes I think that might knock Slayers off spot 5....
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Old 2007-09-23, 20:47   Link #32
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Man this thread was a good idea. Seriously, thank you all for posting your favourites! I just finished School Rumble 1&2 and am now starting Hajime no Ippo(Fighting Spirit). I must say those 2 definately belong in my favourite anime list now. I haven't been so happy with my anime choices in a long time!
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Old 2007-09-24, 10:37   Link #33
aka Providence
(; ,;) fthagn
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: The End
Age: 29
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1.) School Rumble
2.) Death Note
3.) Cowboy Bebop
4.) Lucky Star
5.) GTO

though, in reality, it's almost like a five-way tie~
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Old 2007-09-24, 15:58   Link #34
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Some boring state in the U.S.
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1. INUYASHA...I don't know if that counts...

2. Naruto...yes I'm sad to admit I love it

3. Tenchi Muyo...quite hilarious

4. Fushigi Yugi

5. Tenchi Muyo

6. Girl Got Game

7. Demon Eyes Kyo...I read it a couple times....

8. Tsubasu friend showed it to me it was kind of sad...

9. Tokyo Mew I use to love it when I was like....10

10. anime not exactly based on Japanese but still good.

( I heard Bleach was good but I haven't been able to watch or read it yet)

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Old 2007-09-24, 16:41   Link #35
Join Date: Jul 2007
Fate/Stay Night - because I'm original.
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - I sure am unique, aren't I?
Lucky Star - because it's infinite win.
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - Yum, drama
Hayate no Gotoku! - Sure it hasn't ended yet, but it's still too much awesome not to be here.
Death Note - Because I don't want to exclude it.
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Old 2007-09-24, 16:52   Link #36
Terrestrial Dream
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tesla Leicht Institute
Age: 28
Gaogaigar/Gaogaigar Final
Cyber Formula Sin (If you do want to watch Cyber Formula you should watch from Double One to Sin, since the TV show maybe be really old for you)
Gundam series (it's lazy but I just don't want to pick one Gundam over another, except Destiny)
Nadesico (Whatever you do skip Prince of Darkness!)
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Old 2007-09-24, 17:47   Link #37
Nya? ^_^
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Australia
Originally Posted by tyc00 View Post
Man this thread was a good idea. Seriously, thank you all for posting your favourites! I just finished School Rumble 1&2 and am now starting Hajime no Ippo(Fighting Spirit). I must say those 2 definately belong in my favourite anime list now. I haven't been so happy with my anime choices in a long time!
If you liked School Rumble's insane comedy you should probably check out Yakitate Japan. While it's not a romantic comedy, it's still really, really funny. Especially for the basis of the show. How they make such a seemingly boring topic so hilarious is really quite incredible.
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Old 2007-09-24, 18:09   Link #38
Join Date: Aug 2007
Kanon 2006
suzumiya haruhi
lucky star
shakugan no shana

i love animes that make me emo(kanon and air especially) also comedy and moe(lucky star :3)

Last edited by himemiya613; 2007-09-24 at 18:26.
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Old 2007-09-24, 18:18   Link #39
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: 自分の天獄
These are anime series that I really like, don't really have a ranking for them.

Honey and Clover
AIR TV/Kanon 2006
Elfen Lied/Blood +
Ichigo Mashimaro/Manabi Straight

Gurren-Lagann is another anime that is just so awesome right now.
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Old 2007-09-24, 18:36   Link #40
Saber's Husband XD
Join Date: Oct 2006
Age: 30
Send a message via Yahoo to capture
Top 5 are

1) Fate/Stay Night ~ ok I've chosen it for it's uniqueness, kinda medieval to present timeline that had been mixed well... Lots of nice characters and of course Saber is there ^_^...

2) Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal ~ A anime that is kinda rare to see IMO, very good story, had definitely some touching moments and it's been animated very nicely.

3) Chrno Crusade ~ just like Fate, chosen for uniqueness, though some scenes are kinda nerfed and sad, it is still nice when it comes to storyline and animation... and Rosette is hawt honestly

4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ~ Yay do I need to comment here? I'll only say craziness + nicely animated scenes + moe char. + nice music = win ^_^

5) Kanon2006 or Kare Kano

~Kanon for it's story and animation

~Kare Kano for it's uniqueness, nice char. devp't and craziness
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Closed Thread

lists, top five

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