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Old 2007-09-24, 11:39   Link #261
Tegenaria gigantea
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Can I just say ZOMGLOLBBQ?

When, where and how?
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Old 2007-09-24, 11:40   Link #262
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv163
*Graphic Designer
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Age: 31
damn, beaten for 2 minutes ^^'

as seen in this link, SUN TV aired Higurashi 12.
Time for rejoice!
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Old 2007-09-24, 11:41   Link #263
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: God only knows
Great news.
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Old 2007-09-24, 11:43   Link #264
Join Date: Jun 2006
Oh to Joy^^ Now to wait on subs, but thats exceptable as it won't be to long for that^^ Happy happy days^^
Much Thanks to Mr. Hat's for the siggy^^
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Old 2007-09-24, 11:46   Link #265
Endless Nine
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Gwah!! Rejoice!!! GAR K made it!!
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Old 2007-09-24, 11:54   Link #266
:love: Tsukasa :love:
*Graphic Designer
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yey... just when i wrote a post about fearing that higurashi 12 will be suspended...

i'm glad they decided to air it... time to wait for the raws, then the subs to come out... i know i wasn't the only one waiting...
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Old 2007-09-24, 11:56   Link #267
Senior Member
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HS flash backs is what screwed this episode over with Tokai and KBS.
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Old 2007-09-24, 12:00   Link #268
Join Date: Dec 2005
In your face media watchdogs!

Hey, maybe they got to the right conclusion that since stopping the airing did not stop the murders (it couldn't have since the anime didn't cause any murder in the first place) they might as well not pretend to be bleeding hearts.
'The world we live in is always in darkness.'
'Yes, and that is why we seek light.'

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Old 2007-09-24, 12:03   Link #269
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
really really i am so happy if it is true
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Old 2007-09-24, 12:12   Link #270
Zero Shinohara
I'll keep walking.
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I came by to maniacally curse at everything, but it seems like it won't be needed. I knew that School Days and Higurashi were delayed, but a friend sent me a news article that said both series were completely cancelled and that airing would be stopped. I obviously felt enraged, since this is basically the media manipulating the facts to make it seem like the Otaku subculture is full of potential murderers, rapists and what-not. Same thing happens when we have a school-shooting in the US and all these Champions of Justice show up on TV telling'em to ban videogames and things of that sort. It's not the first time it happened in Japan, as, curiously, I was reading in this Wikipedia article about Tsutomu Miyazaki and all the hype involving our Japanese allies, and it won't be the last.

Thankfully, it seems like it won't be cancelled. More Nippa~ for everybody

Sometimes I look back and think to myself, "how the hell did I manage to screw this up?"
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Old 2007-09-24, 12:27   Link #271
Oyashiro-sama worshipper
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IT IS TIME TO REJOICE! Or maybe we will get our hopes thrashed like Rika in the past Hinamizawas - -?
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Old 2007-09-24, 13:05   Link #272
>Enter title here<
*Graphic Designer
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YES! *Celebrates* I'm so happy :3! This is great news!
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Old 2007-09-24, 13:06   Link #273
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Aug 2007
I was thinking that they would actually cancel it...
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Old 2007-09-24, 14:09   Link #274
Gregory House
*IT Support
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Phew, that's a relief.

Now, where did I put that axe...?

Place them in a box until a quieter time | Lights down, you up and die.
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Old 2007-09-24, 14:51   Link #275
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Oakland, CA
Age: 65
Happy news!

But I'll wait to exhale until the raws come out, at least. One step at a time

For what it's worth, I sent an email of support to Ryukishi 07 to let him know that the fans of Higurashi are behind him. I don't know whether he can read or have it translated but knowing the tendency of the media to nag and persecute their "stories" to death, felt this ordeal may be a heavy burden for him to bear. I hope it helps him because I suspect that he's going to be a popular "guest" (i.e. torture victim) on talk shows until this all blows over.

Thank goodness one station had the cajones to air #12 *sigh of relief*

Oops, I exhaled
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Old 2007-09-24, 15:01   Link #276
Eat This!
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Mappy Happy Chappy.
The new name in banality
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Old 2007-09-24, 15:17   Link #277
Junior Member
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Location: Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico
Age: 27
YEESSSSS!! When I read that things about that other incident... I lost hope for a second... Im so Happy I that I could jump all over my house... wait, I did... whatever.

This is geat news, but I'm a little shaky... is it really true?
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Old 2007-09-24, 16:01   Link #278
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I never fully gave up hope. My gut told me it would air and I waited and waited for air time while frequently checking Oyashirosama for updates.
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Old 2007-09-24, 17:54   Link #279
The Creator
Golden Emperor
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YAY YAY, misa loves Sun tv =D
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Old 2007-09-24, 18:42   Link #280
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Age: 32
Saitama, Chiba and Sun all aired it.
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