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Old 2007-09-25, 18:39   Link #21
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I've seen Totoro, and I'd have to say it was a good movie...pretty charming. I'd reccomend it for anyone. The Cat Bus was pretty cool too! (^_^)
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Old 2007-12-28, 21:53   Link #22
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I just watched the new dub for this movie. It made a little piece of my soul die. The older dub might not have been perfect, but it was definately less campy sounding. Plus Mei had so much more charm in the other one I think. And then to find out it was Dakota Fanning. >.< No matter how old she is, she always sounds like she's 5, albeit a really smart 5 year old but 5 nonetheless. This movie was the first japanese film I had ever seen and (excluding watching sailor moon with my father in the mornings) my first anime experience ever. Now Im having a hard time finding the older dub anywhere. Thats my only beef with Disney, they either make something excellent, or break something excellent. T-T
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Old 2007-12-28, 22:10   Link #23
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The only advantage to the new dub was that the two actresses are actually sisters so there was that extra bit of energy in their interpretation.

The real moral is that films steeped in the culture are best viewed in the original language, but then dub watchers usually ignore me and then wonder why anyone thought a work was any good.

That said, the recent Totoro release was "pretty good" in my opinion since it didn't make me want to immediately drive icepicks into my ears.
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Old 2009-04-30, 09:52   Link #24
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This is one Studio Ghibli movie that I haven't seen yet & really must cos I'm totally missing out!
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fantasy, slice of life

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