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View Poll Results: Favourite Gurren-Lagann Characters Poll (Multiple Choice)
Simon 204 52.31%
Kamina 227 58.21%
Yoko 186 47.69%
Nia 128 32.82%
Rossiu 23 5.90%
Boota 72 18.46%
Leeron 39 10.00%
Dayakka 10 2.56%
Kittan 81 20.77%
Kiyoh 10 2.56%
Kinon 15 3.85%
Kiyal 30 7.69%
Gimmy 15 3.85%
Darry 49 12.56%
Viral 164 42.05%
Thymilph 3 0.77%
Adiane 21 5.38%
Cytomander 4 1.03%
Guame 10 2.56%
Lord Genome 68 17.44%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 390. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-08-30, 02:08   Link #21
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
I voted for Kamina. The anime almost died for me in episode 9 I think when we lost kamina. He had all the great quotes, charisma, comedy, coolness factor like jacket, shades & logo and practically lots of shiznit moments. The only thing that made me watch and anime afterwards was the moment I watched episode 1 again. I saw Simon or what appears to be Simon acting like Kamina and having the the Jacket and Shades. So Kamina returns again in the form of Simon or something like that. So I get to see the shades, the jacket, the quotes and other stuff.

However, I will no longer get to see the moronic side of him since Simon is pretty smart and sensible. Hard to beat the way Kamina first tried to Unite. Not only that, he won't unite afterwards unless it is the MANLY way to unite. You know, the cool way to unite.
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Old 2007-08-30, 22:13   Link #22
Last Engage
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Florida
Simon, Kamina, Viral and Kittan (the big four of Gurren Lagann), all for reasons listed before by others. Kamina and Simon take the lead for having an epic, unshaken manliness (and an awesome character song), Viral for sharing it with them, and Kittan for being the runner-up in that regard.

But I give an honorary nod to Yoko for defeating two Gunmen with just a gun and a hoverthingy.
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Old 2007-09-01, 07:45   Link #23
Monkeykyou Sharingan
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Schweden, ja!
Age: 29
Kamina- Well, he made me enjoy the series with his stupidity. The "No, that's not manly enough, i'd rather die!" kind of thinking was funny :P

Viral- He is just too honest

Leeron- He is just creepy enough to keep me watching, who's child will he scar for life next ?

Boota- He gets the boobies, epic win!
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Old 2007-09-02, 14:28   Link #24
Th3 b3aSt
Dai Gurren Dan Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Italy
Age: 32
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Boota rulez
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Old 2007-09-05, 11:44   Link #25
Saishuu Heiki <3
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Italy
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Voted for Kamina,Simon,Yoko and Viral.I adore them <333
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Old 2007-09-12, 02:12   Link #26
Join Date: Sep 2007
I'm afraid to break to 60/60 tie between Simon and Kamina.
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Old 2007-09-14, 15:56   Link #27
Monkeykyou Sharingan
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Schweden, ja!
Age: 29
Where is the Leeron love?!
for christ sake the scorpion chick got more votes then Leeron
Fei-san is offline  
Old 2007-09-15, 19:50   Link #28
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
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god damit, I need a poll reset now!
Kittan's vote should be 100%!
quina is offline  
Old 2007-09-15, 19:52   Link #29
Beautiful fighter.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: England, UK
Age: 31
Originally Posted by quina View Post
god damit, I need a poll reset now!
Kittan's vote should be 100%!
Just wait until the poll for after the series has finished.
Shiroth is offline  
Old 2007-09-15, 22:03   Link #30
Revealing the truth
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Singapore
Age: 35
Voted for yoko, kinon, darry, nia. Will wait for the end of the series to vote for the men.
Forever is offline  
Old 2007-09-16, 04:32   Link #31
Mahjong Triple Pro
Join Date: Sep 2006
Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Voted for yoko, kinon, darry, nia. Will wait for the end of the series to vote for the men.
You can't vote twice.
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Old 2007-09-26, 00:22   Link #32
Keiichi no Hibi
Join Date: Sep 2006
Age: 27
Send a message via AIM to Keiichi no Hibi
Simon: I've liked him since the beginning of the show, from when he was just the little brother with the drills to the goddamn GARlock. Will always be my fave, and I can't really say any more on that.

Kittan: Awesome in his own respect. Not quite the GAR speech kinda man that this series is probably famous for, but in my book he beats Kamina himself. I was losing hope for him during Simon's emotime but in the end he pulled through in the timeskip and made up for that a hundred times over ("Don't worry, I have spiral bullets." will always be one of my favorite quotes of this series) and left with an explosion of awesome.

Viral: I'll be honest. I didn't like him up through episode eight. At all. Then, with Adiane's entrance and Viral's following development, and up through his eventual becoming of Gurren's new (and final from the looks of it) pilot, he's wormed his way into my favorites.


Lord Genome: Super badguy to awesome floating head in a jar. Amazing either way and the Lazengann (or however it's spelled) had to be one of the coolest Gunmen of the show.

Rossiu: Yes he was a complete jerk in the timeskip, for the most part. And his awesomeness from the first half of the series went say down at first. But... for some reason, I still really really like good ol' Forehead.

So those are my votes! ... Plus Gimmy, who I am amazed that (till now) only has one vote despite the fact that he's awesome. Gotta love his "I'll show you mass produced models can fight as well as you guys!" attitude.

Oh hey that's seven. Lucky.
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Old 2007-09-27, 06:33   Link #33
Kamina is epic win
Join Date: Sep 2007
Age: 27
I voted for Kamina, Yoko, Simon, Kittan, and Viral. I think it's pretty obvious why I voted for each of them. They're basically the same reasons as everyone else...
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Old 2008-08-01, 18:51   Link #34
a duck is fine too
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: USA
Yoko and Viral were really the only ones I liked
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Old 2008-08-02, 10:51   Link #35
I can't win this one
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Simoun for Obvious Reasons.....i mean he is just too awesome
Nia....cuz she's too cute, ZOMG QQ'd at the what happenedto her
Viral well...cuz he's not really a bad guy and he is to be respected as a Pilot, and that one scene where it showed he just wanted a family in his dreams........mayn......QQ
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Old 2008-08-04, 22:55   Link #36
anime ronin
death by animeoverdos X_X
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: hinamizawa in an endless cycle of death
Age: 27
i didnt wanna go for the typical so i voted kittan... his personality definately matched that of kaminos, and the way he went out was so badass! i was blown back when he used the giga drill

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Old 2008-08-04, 22:57   Link #37
Mr. Awesome
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Underpants Gnome Factory
Age: 30
I just started watching this series on the scifi channel last week, its pretty awesome.

I voted for Simon just because he is an underdog
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Old 2008-08-07, 16:07   Link #38
Tell me this isn't TLC
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Earth
I voted for Kamina, Simon, and Viral, mostly because they're the characters that are the least annoying. I despise pretty much all of the "busty" girls, for torturing Simon and shoving his face into their chests. They're gonna suffocate the poor thing! =O
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Old 2008-08-09, 20:28   Link #39
I can't win this one
Join Date: Jan 2008
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after re-watching the series Simoun and Viral are prolly my all time favorites
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Old 2008-08-09, 23:19   Link #40
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Kamina, Kittan and Simon. I didn't get to vote for Simon because of a blunder with my stupid mouse...


He is the only character in the series to actually remind me of myself as a kid. A loner, shy, and looking for friends until I met a great one like Kamina. I didn't like Simon when Nia was introduced but he still was the character I felt resembled me the most. Like his friend and role model, Simon decided not to take shit, and grew up to be a great person. The end of the series screwed him though. Though I did not like Nia, I cared how they killed her off and sent him in a journey as a loner... No he should have had a happy ending and remained with his friends.


Though I did not like episode 4, the introduction of Kittan was what kept me watching. He was the eldest sibling of three sisters. Awesome guy, and courageous like Kamina. Being the elders brother of three sisters make me feel as if Kittan was a very responsible guy, maybe even more than Kamina. In a way I feel like that if Kamina remained alive for most of the series, he and Kamina would have been best friends. He was a character that I felt was killed off unfairly but I thought it was necessary anyway because I bet it moved a lot of fans of the show.

Kamina - This guy was my favorite character of the show. Somehow I always knew he was not long for the show because the first 7 episodes made it look like he was the main character while the show was supposed to be about Simon. I liked how he considered Simon a brother rather than a friend, and how much of a role model he was to a lot of characters in the show. Also it showed that he wasn't courageous out of nowhere. He became what he is because of a father who had offered him a life of adventure on a barren surface that seemed to scare him as a child. His father went on, and he stayed behind which prompt him not to be so scared to face the unknown, hence why his bravery can seem outrageous and suicidal at times. I loved that. He also reminds me of an older friend I had when I was in elementary school, bringing out the brave of people who seemed weak, defeated and cowardly. It pissed me off more than it saddened me when he met his demise. Personally I believe Kamina should have lasted 6 more episodes. I liked how he returned in the end of the series though, and how much of an influence he was to the entire Gurren Lagann Brigade. Overall Kamina rocks, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?!

Basically what I said in another thread.
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