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Old 2006-09-11, 16:02   Link #41
Divine Gundam Pilot
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I'd have this ability if I were a Devil Fruit user : stealing the opponent's powers and use them at leisure and of course I keep the abilities I have taken
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Old 2007-08-31, 04:43   Link #42
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Flute Flute Fruit

It gives you the abilty to make any type of wood wind or small strings instrament(anything that can be elld by someone who's normal) and be able to play it so well you hyponotize everyone who hears it unless they have someting blocking their ears.

-Listed above are a few
-Along with the abilty to play the said instament you can sing very well and it has te same effect

-Not able to swim(duhhhhhh)
-Legions of fanboys/girls
-Stalkers who try to steal your underwear
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Old 2007-08-31, 13:23   Link #43
Junior Member
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Fan fan fruit
Similar to mr. 3's ability to create wax, you have the ability to summon fangirls and fanboys near you. Also like mr. 3, you can manipulate them. If someone doesn't want to be your fan you create a button with your face on it and then your fans put it on them. They are now your mindless fan.

Don't do your taxes
Kill your fangirls by summoning them in dangerous places
Manipulate people to give you succes

Can't swim (fans can carry you through the water as some of them drown though)
Not for the alone types
Constantly have to replace mindless fans after they die being mindless
Have to put a button on the first fan yourself

gurgle gurgle fruit
This allows you to breathe underwater. The downside is that you still can't swim.


Cons:not swim

Giant Giant fruit
Allows you transform into a giant and half-giant.

Pros: Beat people up with big fists
Reach the top shelf
Can cosplay as king kong

Can't swim (can walk on bottom though with mouth above water)
Clothes don't last long
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Old 2007-09-11, 15:08   Link #44
Straw Hat Pirate
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Yin-Yang Fruit:

Splits the personaity of the user into two different versions of himself. One is called 'Angel' and one is called 'Demon'. The Angel form specialises in holy based attacks (light beams, arrows, e.t.c.) while the demon form can bend darkness, creating portals, holes, objects and anything really out of darkness. Angel has wings, Demon does not, and it's kind of slow, but powerful. Every aspect of the user increases as well i.e. Speed, strength e.t.c.

Cons: Can't swim and personality constantly changes, also, life force is sapped! (Oh noes!)
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Old 2007-09-23, 19:05   Link #45
Junior Member
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Friction Friction Fruit

Friction Fruit: allows the user to decrease/increase friction upon a person or thing.

great for getting somewhere fast, and speed up faster than an enemy
can slow enemies down
great for training (i.e. always see Zoro training)


hard to control
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Old 2007-09-30, 01:03   Link #46
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Invisible Fruit !
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Old 2007-09-30, 08:35   Link #47
Join Date: May 2007
Location: kuwait
(mock mock Fruit)

- give you smoth talker

- know what ppl think

- immuine to Elements


- weak against Physical attacks

- cant Swim
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Old 2007-10-02, 20:40   Link #48
Junior Member
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I would wont one of the ones I made up,
The Souken Souken no Mi(Creation Creation Fruit :P)

- You can create anything that you want.
- You could never die of hunger or of thirst because you could make it for yourself.
- You could recreate your own body, so if you got really fat, you could do what Wopol did and make your sulf skinny again.

- It would taste really, REALLY horrible.
- You also can't swim.
- It is very hard and would take a long time to master it's powers.
- When you create something, you have to give something eles up, like if you wanted to make the biggest ship in the world(bigger that Thriller Bark), you would have to give something up, but it doesn't matter what it was. Besides if you want to make a living thing like human or an animal, you would have to give something up that is living(but not a plant, it has to be a movinf thing).

That would be mine because I would absolutely love to be able to do that.
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Old 2007-11-29, 18:06   Link #49
NaruHina Maniac
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I assume that every one who reads the manga know who Brook is

With that said, I don't think that his only powers would be mediocre swordsmanship. I think he should be able to manipulate his bones like Kimimaro Kaguya from Naruto. Due to his body being only bones because of his Yami Yami no Mi, his powers should be allowing him to grow more bones and use them as weapons and eventualy turn into a upgraded form like Kiminaro in Level Two Curse Seal

This ability would be called Hone no Shihai (Bone Control) it allows Brook to control and create bones
Some of his common abilities would be Hone no Yaiba (Bone Sword) where he would do basic Close-Ranged combat, Hone no Hoippu (Bone Whip) which would be his Mid-Ranged, Hone no Taihou Komakai (Small Bone Blast) would be his prefered Long-Range attack since it would be faster and Hone no Taihou Ookii (Big Bone Blast) would be his stronger, but slower, Long-Ranged attack

Later on he would develope Hone no Shihai: Yajuu Katachi (Bone Control: Monster Form) turns Brook into a monster-like form that he can control to do even more damage
His new abilities would be Hone no Tsume (Bone Claw) a new Close-Ranged attack that can be used in multiple and consecutive strikes and Hone no Shouhi (Bone Consumption) where Brook traps his enemy in his ribcage and seamingly consumes him/her (he doesn't really consume them, it's just supposed to look like it)
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Old 2007-12-19, 11:10   Link #50
Uzumaki Net
Junior Member
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hmm new here;p
Light fruit - ability of light
- light being in shape of human; bullets and other solid objects passes throu
- counter blackbeareds darkness fruit
- can gain speed of light, throu this speed also make light clones
- unability to drown if not mortally wounded

- the fruit makes the eater blind up til 24 hours after ability gain
- sleeping difficultes up to 1 week after ability gain
- smells and taste like smog
- you also cant swim
- cant feel taste of food or drinks

Prisma fruit - ability of the prisma
- ability to turn body into diamond hard prisma
- can conjure any kind of cristal and control it
- in prisma form can absorb energies and boost or change them at will
- dont need food or water, just absorb sun light and feed on it
- attacks with stored energies, attack depens of kind and amount of energy

- in begining turns all he/she touches to cristals
- fruit got hard shell, soo can be hard to eat
- can explode if too much energies are absorbed
- also cant swim
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Old 2007-12-26, 12:53   Link #51
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God God or Divine Divine fruit which makes the user a god,(it is possibly to exist in one piece :S)
Tele Tele fruit which gives abilities of telekinisis,telepathy,teleport and the ability of reading the mind of anyone,
Psycho Psycho fruit that makes the user control or torture the soul of anyone.
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Old 2008-01-21, 01:48   Link #52
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Doom Doom Fruit
Gives u many many powers
control grass,ice,claws,psychic,rock etc also comes with psy psy rebirth fruit which can bring a villan back and gives them twice the strentgh
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Old 2008-01-24, 18:09   Link #53
Cipher Pol nr.9
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consipation no yami

can make others get constipation, but the effect wont be noticable before the victim have to take a
Spoiler for dirty word:

just think the horror luffy would have caused if he had that ability
poor nakamas
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Old 2008-01-26, 11:33   Link #54
Join Date: Aug 2007
Weather Weather Fruit

Allows the user to control the weather, including rain, thunder, lightning and wind.
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Old 2008-01-27, 17:34   Link #55
Red-hair Pirate
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Weather Weather Fruit

Allows the user to control the weather, including rain, thunder, lightning and wind.
That is already are a Devil Fruit , USER: Monkey D. Dragon !!!
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Old 2008-01-27, 19:26   Link #56
Blackbeard D. Kuma
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Red-hair Pirate View Post
That is already are a Devil Fruit , USER: Monkey D. Dragon !!!
We don't know exactly what Dragon's ability is yet. Nothing about his abilities has been revealed.
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Old 2008-01-27, 19:52   Link #57
Red-hair Pirate
Join Date: Oct 2007
OK. Now I think that you are just trolling here. I welcomed you back after being banned and you are doing the same thing as the last time (insulting people). Seriously, if you don't have anything productive to say on these forums then just keep out.
I just said that to welcome you.....WELCOME Blackbeard D.'s nice to see you after you ban me.
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Old 2008-01-28, 00:49   Link #58
I Like Anime™
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Bacteria/Virus Fruit

Ability to create bacteria and viruses tailor made to do whatever you want. Lethal viruses that kill instantly, or good bacteria to fight off sickness.

Pro: Can pretty much kill anyone/anything. Can cure any sickness.

Con: Doesn't increase actual fighting ability. You can be killed by a gun or a sword just like anyone else.
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Old 2008-02-04, 04:16   Link #59
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I have got the ultimate Devil Fruit:

The Real Real Fruit.

Okay that name sucks, but the powers are over-the-top. The Real Real Fruit provides you with the power of probability. Much the same as say Scarlet Witch (from Marvel's The Avengers, among others) and Jinx (from DC's Teen Titans), the fruit would allow you to control the quantum state/system of an object (whether organic or inorganic) allowing you to break-down or build up said object through the superposition of quantum states...okay I was about to geek out there, let's just say that it lets you control reality.

Pros: Can, more or less, do anything to anyone or anything. I mean that literally, you can even turn off other's Devil Fruit powers (I posited that Blackbeard has a power similiar to this) or give someone a Devil Fruit power even if they have not eaten a devil fruit. Your imagination is the limit of this power.

Cons: Let us keep the cons from the respective comic book series and say that emotional state can influence the probability of 'bad' things happening to you instead of 'good' things. Really this Devil Fruit is too powerful, so I will even give the fruit the Ultimate Scarlet Witch downside that you have to calculate the mathematical probability that the effect you intend to create will actually happen. Still with this power one would have the potential to actually destroy the world if not the universe.

Okay, maybe it was a bad idea to suggest this power.

So, let us go with some type of Illusion fruit instead. Then again, the Light Light or Prism Prism fruit suggested by Uzumaki Net could also possibly create illusions.

Oh well, maybe next time.
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Old 2008-02-04, 07:07   Link #60
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Originally Posted by james3wk View Post
So, let us go with some type of Illusion fruit instead. Then again, the Light Light or Prism Prism fruit suggested by Uzumaki Net could also possibly create illusions.

Its funny that every boss character in shonens somehow relates to illusion stuff in the end.Itachi uses illusions with his mangekyou sharingan,Aizen casts illusions with his shikai...Must be so deadly to cant really see your target.

My df:

Soul Soul Devil Fruit
Touching the enemy will create a soul bound/link between you and target.

-Soul bound will last for next 15 minutes after every touch.In this time every damage enemy does on you will hurt him too.
-Ability to cast any fatigue,pain effect on your body as projectiles, each hit will transfer health from enemy to you.
-As a final secret move named Pain Shot, this link bond will consume any fatigue and pain in your body, then give it all to enemy.In other words, you will cast your worst body condition into enemies including wounds,disease,fatigue,broken bones,blood loss situations.Can be used every 72 hours only (or else you'd become a god, always pain shotting at last second )

-Defensive abilities are not top-rank.Since its Logia the absorbance power changed by pain shot tech (kinda like blackbeard's nullify over logia body did)
-Cant swim!
-Pain transfer also requires top-condition stamina filled body to match.If user is nothing to special, someone fast/strong can always topple you.Its up to your stamina if you can handle the shared pain.Every shot will refrenish you, so if enemy is dodgey like a cp9, you wont survive for long.
-A secret and funny weakness, enemy can hurt his own body, and you will feel the same pain from soul bound...If enemy is that desperate,have guts and if he is aware of that situation, he can kill himself and you will feel the same pain.Its up to you to stand the pain or not
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