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Closed Thread
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Old 2007-10-09, 20:42   Link #1601
Join Date: Apr 2006

Surprise-subs will try its hand at subbing again, depending on wether we can get a translator, so please, anyone who wants to do a joint project on either prospective projects, just let us know!

Group: Surprise-Subs
Projects: HapiRaki Bikkuriman; Shin Bikkuriman (A few more Id like to do, but mainly those)
Positions: Translator! Also everything else, as Its me an another friend as of now.
Contact: The-Duke

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Old 2007-10-11, 03:16   Link #1602
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Hi, I'm shortarabguy, and I'd like to put my name out as a potential editor for a fansub group that needs a quality editor. I've been in two groups before( Serin, and Ryoumi), and have extensive experience in editing already. I'm open to subbing just about anything as long as it's moderately interesting, and I'm generally free to help at any time of day, except on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On the previously mentioned days I'm free after 5 PM PST, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends, I'm free all day. Unfortunately, I don't have any of my previous scripts to share as proof of ability, but I'm more than willing to submit to a test of my ability if you can provide one.

If you're interested, don't bother contacting me via private message here. Just message me on Rizon( nick == shortarabguy) or on AIM( screen name == shortarabguy).

... Or on Google talk( e-mail == shortarabguy[at]
You get the idea.

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Old 2007-10-11, 09:17   Link #1603
Sekai-Fansubs Founder
Join Date: Aug 2007
Originally Posted by Dark_Samurai View Post
Group: Sekai-Fansubs

Projects: Mamoru-kun ni megami no Shukufuku wo!, Clannad TV, Dragonaut

We are recruiting the following positions for our projects:

1.)Translator JAPANESE>ENG (x2)
Requirements:JLPT Level Cert of 4 or lower, Being able to translate at least 1 episode per week.No experience is required

2.)Translation Checker (x2)
Requirements: Good knowledge of Japanese in order to spot errors left by by the translators.

3.) Typesetters
Some experience are required, and we would like to have a look at some of your previous work.

If you meet the above requirements contact us at or
Sorry But Dark_Samurai posted the wrong Email. This is The right one ----> Anyways TL's are needed for Future Releases anyways expect our Clannad TV Releases and Dragonaut Releases. For more info talk to Caudyr or kaizoku-sensei in our irc Channel
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Old 2007-10-11, 10:40   Link #1604
Ayu Staff
Join Date: Nov 2003
Ayu is hiring again!

Ayu is looking for a few staff to replace some of our retiring members:

1 x Translator (Japanese to English)
1 x Timer (Must be able to scene time, fix bleeds, etc)
1 x Quality Checker (Able to spot edit/timing/typesetting/encoding/etc errors)
1 x Graphics Designer (MUST be good with photoshop and be creative. Will be in charge of all images-related material on our website)

If you are interested, please hop on to #Ayu-Recruits @ or visit our website @

Do note that we have a strict recruitment criteria and will not hesitate to fail someone if need be. Show us your talents now! We need you!
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Old 2007-10-11, 11:43   Link #1605
Highly Dangerous
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: London

Positions: Translators, Encoder, Timers and Karaoke Stylist/Timer
Irc channel: #rozen-fansubs @
Projects: Kimikiss, Saint October and Koharubiyori
Contacts: Ruby, FateDarkSaber and Dark_Samurai

Looking for people who wants to help us in episodes. Karaoke Stylist/timer on some kara i can't cope with and Translators, if you want to do a show/ova this season and the following contact us!
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Old 2007-10-11, 17:05   Link #1606
Tatsuhiro Satou
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Jigoku
Age: 29
Send a message via AIM to Tatsuhiro Satou Send a message via MSN to Tatsuhiro Satou
New Group For Doraemon!!!

Positions: Translators, Encoder, Editor
Irc channel:
Projects: Doraemon 2005
Contacts: Tsugumi/XiaoFeng

We have decided on our first project, Doraemon 2005! (AniDB) Thatís right, the classic anime show. I had always been a big fan of Doraemon. Currently I am working with Asahina (a great translator) in the process of releasing all the 45 volumes of Doraemon manga in English ( we releaed up to chapter 19 ). Now, I would like to extent that to the Anime. But, we canít do this alone, we will need your help!

If you want to help out. You can contact me (xiaofeng/tsugumi) at or or email me at
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Old 2007-10-11, 20:14   Link #1607
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Originally Posted by Ravic View Post
Position(s): Kara Afx
Group: Ashes
Project(s): Night Wizard
IRC Channel: #ashes
IRC Contact: Ravic
We need a Fine Timer and TL Checkers we longer need a Kara Afxer
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Old 2007-10-12, 09:12   Link #1608
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007

Group : Suteki
Position needed : Timer and Karoker
Contact : PM here or
Project : Suteki Tantei Labyrinth


Suteki is looking for Timer and Karaoke. This 2 is the last one for our group to begin our project. If you are intrested please come over to our irc channel and talk to me(GingaSubaru)/Geek/Jeckt. Experience for timer is not needed.
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Old 2007-10-12, 15:22   Link #1609
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Send a message via AIM to dragon5152 Send a message via MSN to dragon5152 Send a message via Yahoo to dragon5152
Group: Philanthropy and Sekai-Fansubs (clannad joint)


In an effort to improve quality and stabilize release scheduals (mainly for clannad), we are recruiting the following:

1.) Translator (J->E).
Could work on any number of projects including Clannad, and possibly a new project with philanthropy (TLers choice).

2.) Translation Checker (J->E)
Once again, would work on any number of project including Clannad and possibly a new project that has yet to be decided.

3.) Editor
Would look over and edit and correct any mistakes found in the scripts. Could possibly work on clannad among other projects. Whether your backup editor or main editor for clannad would vary week to week.

Those jobs are mainly needed for clannad.
This is an effort to improve release quality and speed. If the position you wish to apply for isn't on the list, please contact us anyway, cause new staff is always a good thing.

You can find us in the IRC channels above (contact Dragon5152), or e-mail me at wizboy11 {at} gmail {dot} com

This post is mainly geared towards the philanthropy-sekai joint for clannad. However each individual group I'm sure could use those positions (especially philanthropy).

Heero-Yui made a small mistake in his post. He says that we are not recruiting people for clannad, this is incorrect. We are most definitely recruiting people for clannad joint.

Thanks for your time
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Old 2007-10-13, 02:17   Link #1610
Join Date: Oct 2006
Looking for: experienced Karaoke Timer, Karaoke Typesetter, Scene Timer and Encoder
Series: Gintama 58-62 ONLY (for the time being, anyways)
(and these episodes have already been translated, timed, typesetted)

Please give me an e-mail at if interested ^_^ We really need these positions!

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Old 2007-10-13, 08:13   Link #1611
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Australia
Fansub Group Name: Kuro-Hana
Positions: Typesetter - Must be experienced, previous work will be requested.
IRC: mpr at #Kuro-Hana on

You will only do a show a week, that is all we ask.

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Old 2007-10-13, 19:46   Link #1612
Retired(?) Fansubber
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Baltimore, MD
Age: 35
Send a message via AIM to Zilveari
Position(s): All
Group: Oyasumi-subs
Current Project: You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle
Future Projects: TBA when we have a second team built
IRC Channel: #oyasumi
IRC Contact: Zilveari or Tuvok82

We could still use extra QCers for YUA: FT, seeders always come in handy as well. To inquire drop by #oyasumi and find mself ot Tuvok82
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Old 2007-10-14, 07:35   Link #1613
Bishoujo fanatic
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Finland / Japan
Group: JEEB fansubs
Positions: Editor/QC , Timing, Kara maker/Typesetter
Sure/Current Projects: Lucky☆Star (HDTV & ending the SDTV ones), Sketchbook ~full color's~ HQ
IRC Channel: #jeeb @
E-mail: jeebjp {atmark}
MSN Messenger: jeebatk {atmark}

Once again, I need people for editing/QC, since many people seem to have lost their ability to be online from the English side of things. Small amount of Japanese knowledge would be nice, but is not officially "needed". Also Sketchbook needs an "image". Knowledge of Aegisub and some experience in fansubbing would be preferred on all positions.

Details about positions:
  • Editor/QC: Your work in the group is to keep the English in the subtitles clean and "in the rules". Some work might be related to rather unedited material, which is closer to editing, some material on the other side would be already edited, but then revised by a TL/TLC to match the original Japanese.
  • Timer: Since we now have TLs that do not pre-time themselves, but do only-text translations, we are now in need of a timer. Timing only on audio with the series that we have done so far has been a bit no-good, so knowledge of Aegisub is preferred, as scene changes and audio often go a bit zig-zag. Also other ASS subtitling software may bork the UTF8 comments that our translators like to put into the scripts, so Aegisub would be the preferred tool of the trade.
  • Kara maker/Typesetter: Your job will be to make the main image of the fansubs. Mood adaptation, general styling and such in the subtitles, combined with the karaoke effects and sign placing are your essential link in the group. Good knowledge of ASS scripting required, AFX experience is not required, but a plus.

If you are interested in any of the positions and think you can be an active part of a group, or just have any questions about them, please contact me through IRC, e-mail, the website, MSN Messenger or through PM in this forum. Also people that can help with seeding of releases and/or in providing XDCC bots are always needed, so please be in contact with me if you can help with that.

With best regards,
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Old 2007-10-14, 11:30   Link #1614
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: belgium
Group: AnimeYoshi
Position: Karaoke Styler/Maker, timer, distro
Project: Gundam 00
IRC Channel:

- we urgently need someone who can make/typesett a karaoke for us, have good skills if its either in ass/afx we don't mind. And YES we got the OP/ED K-timed, so only left for you is make the effect. Please contact us asap. We got everything else as good as ready. Just need that karaoke >_>.

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Old 2007-10-14, 11:47   Link #1615
Nice Boat.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Post removed.

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Old 2007-10-14, 12:12   Link #1616
Join Date: Apr 2006
Surprise-Subs is looking for a joint project.

I would really like to work on Shin Bikkuriman since I have all 72 eps raw, but without a translator, a group cannot go very far.... at all. I'm willing to make a deal with any group who has a free translator. I can time fairly well, and I do a little kara-timing (Not effects very well), I have people who can edit scripts and QC. I'm also really wanting to learn to typesett. If anyone out there wants to help, then please do so.

Group: Surprise-Subs
IRC: #Surprise-Subs @
Contact: The-Duke
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Old 2007-10-14, 14:07   Link #1617
Deacon Blues
Supreme Grocer
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Send a message via AIM to Deacon Blues Send a message via MSN to Deacon Blues
Hello again everyone,

We're looking for someone who can encode our Gundam 00 episodes for us now that our editor and encoder has stuck with just editing. We're looking for an experienced individual who can handle the HD releases.

Contact: deacky[at] or PM here
Irc Channel: (PM Deacon_Blues)

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Old 2007-10-15, 12:31   Link #1618
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Position(s): Translator/Checker/Timer
Group: ANfo-Subs
Project(s): Kodomo no Jikan
IRC Channel: #animenfo
IRC Contact: Xeperu/Ryoma-kun

Xpost from our forums:

Kodomo no Jikan's story revolves around a male twenty-three-year-old grade school teacher named Daisuke Aoki employed at Futatsubashi Elementary School (双ツ橋 小学校 Futatsubashi Shōgakkō?). Daisuke is in charge of class 3-1, and one of his students, a mischievous young girl named Rin Kokonoe, has developed a crush on him, and has gone so far as to proclaim herself Daisuke's girlfriend. Rin continues her efforts to be with her teacher despite the fact that he will lose his job if she gets too close.

Unfortunatly my Japanese is not good enough to make accurate subs or to check translations.

Hence the call for a translator/translation checker and a timer (other positions are covered).


Must be have a fluent understanding of Japanese.
Must be able to provide a script within 72 hours of episode getting released.
No previous experience required.

Must have at least JLPT lvl 2 experience with Japanese and be fluent in both the English and Japanese language.

Must be familair with AegisSub.
Previous experience not required but will be a pro.

For all positions we ask that you know how to use irc and work in a proper manner.
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Old 2007-10-15, 17:50   Link #1619
Seeker of Power
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: ΔHidden Forbidden Holy Ground
Age: 33
Send a message via AIM to the.Merines Send a message via MSN to the.Merines
Group: Formula Sub
Position: (semi-experienced) typesetter
Projects: Shugo Chara!, Les Miserables, CODE-E
Contacts: martino, Merines, Lykos or Light

Basically, we haven't had a typesetter for a couple months after we lost our previous mastermind due to a period of inactivity. I've been filling in, and with the help of my cohorts we've done an okay job. I've come to the conclusion that I put too much work on myself, so I'm looking to spread a little bit around. The times will be provided for you if you don't wish to time them yourself. I really can't offer anything else, so...
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Old 2007-10-16, 16:27   Link #1620
Join Date: Dec 2005
Japan Legend has resources for use by fansub groups.
All we ask is that you be willing and prepared to help with other groups who are also using these resources.

Nobody will force you, but we just want to create the kind of community where there is give and take and more chance of interesting, quality projects getting done.

We have a Forum.
We have a wiki style editable database which you can use to house and edit information about projects.
We have a tracker to host projects.

contact: you can PM me on here or you can join up on japan legend and PM me on there (Ryuki).

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