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Old 2007-10-09, 21:51   Link #81
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Originally Posted by ScR3WiEuS View Post
I honestly don't have any problem with anon subbers, as long as they stick to their philosophy of being anon, and in a certain way neutral to fansubbing politics. Because, if neutrality and the refusal to participate in the conventional fansubbing community isn't the goal of anon, than anon has no real goal at all, except to stay under the radar of the anime corporations. Anon subbers propagating the principle of anon fansubbing, and thus in a certain way criticising the conventional organization of the fansubbing community, are not living up to their philosophy. They are nothing short of hypocrites.
You are looking way too much into it. Take it for what it is, or ignore it (very easily done in this case).
Whatever the reasons, or the total lack thereof, the type of contact they have with some virtual 'community' is of no import to anyone. They provide something of value, at no cost, and if that's the only contact they wish to have, then so be it.

Frankly who cares about the reasoning for doing so. They could be aloof or elitist, they could be absolutely full of themselves and feel that they are a god and contact with 'mere humans' is unsuitable and frivilous. None of this matters compared to the quality of the subs and that people download them.
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Old 2007-10-09, 23:17   Link #82
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Originally Posted by ScR3WiEuS View Post
You know... during all this babble about the pros and contras of anonymous subbing vs conventional subbing, I have failed to notice perhaps the most important aspect to fansubbing that comes to my mind. More than merely contributing to the fansubbing scene or anime scene in general, the main reason why I fansub was, is, and will always be the pure enjoyment I get out of the interaction with other subbers, and the proper process of fansubbing itself.
Well, I think it's because it's more of a discussion of speedsubbing at this point. And certainly, while speedsubbers might be power subbing for the enjoment of interacting with other subbers, the groups that are most threatened by ZPF would probably be the ones subbing for the enjoyment of their download count.
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Old 2007-10-10, 20:05   Link #83
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Speedsubbing existed way back in 2002. Take crustol & co for example (I'm not gonna go any more into this).

anonymous "fansubbing" is nothing "more" compared to people who use Chinese subs to TL into English ones (you know who you are!).

Cuz the numbers of members (in a group) there used to exist way back before 2005 (I'd say around 7-10 members or so) for a "English" one. You could get a episode done in less than 12 hrs. The TLor has one job, the Encoder has only one the rest has multiple due to the interests of "BT" these days compared to the old school bots we had.

Some still use em, but for the fact that most people dont give a damn about who's been subbing what, as long as the kara locks nice (blame AFX for this one) or the Encodage looks "good" or the TS or if the timing is "accurate" if you know what I mean.

If DB's TLor translates hi hi hi to ha ha ha (when it's actually hi as in fire) in this particular episode of Naruto, but the viewers doesn't know or would ever figure that out, would they still care or call them a "bad subbing" group?

No, cuz the viewers doesn't "care" as long as they "understand" what's being said on the lines they read. Subs can never be 100% accurate compared to the native language spoken.

If 99% of the bittorrent or "P2P" users get their raws from "raw hunting groups" and think their cool or think that they actually "cap" these raws and distro em, then let em think that.

The title "raw provider" in the credits shouldn't even be there, but that up to you I guess.

And as for "anonymous", unless you upload the file to a hosting site, and if you seed the file yourself (via BT Tracker(s)) then your IP is logged, and thus your not "anonymous" anymore.

Oh and if you want to be "cool", stop using anonymous "name" since that's what it's been made from this particular "wannabe" site. Were a lot of people site everyday "I guess" to get something outta there lives.

Fansubs have turned into money and or power/fame then "convenient" here's your "FREE" Fansub! that you can enjoy as we had doing it. This doesn't go for all if almost any, but for those that does, you know who you are!
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Old 2007-11-03, 12:25   Link #84
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Age: 31
Weird stuff this annonymous stuff. Whatever, to each his own. ^_^
Give up and face fact, you aren't the best fansubber that ever was, or there ever will be. So stop crying, we're all sick of your half made points, with no supporting evidence.
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Old 2007-11-05, 02:51   Link #85
OEC's TypeSetter+Encoder
Join Date: Jul 2007
So, an anonymous group is the one without a name? They don't have a name probably because they don't want it, or they just don't want to be recognized. Man, how fansub has changed. Back then, we wanted fansub because we didn't understand Jap, but still wanted to watch anime. So as long as the sub was understanable, it did not matter who subbed it. But now, look at the scene! Most of us the fansubbers only care about how we do the karaoke, how we do the effects, etc,.., and think that translation is not important. It's true that translation is never as good as the original, but do we try to make it the best we can? Or we just want to spend more time on the typesetting?

Fame of fan? what do we do fansubbing for anyway? Don't start arguing with me, since I already know the reaction to this question. All I just want to say, is that, we can bring the viewers the best experience they could enjoy an anime, why don't we. We do fansub for our own interests? Forget it! For those anonymous groups that can actually provide a good release, that the real fansub for me.
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Old 2007-11-05, 04:18   Link #86
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In most cases, the person who does the translating is not doing the typesetting, karaoke, and all that other stuff. There is a shortage of translators and a preponderance of all those other types of people. So naturally, the trend will be toward lots of extra junk that isn't really necessary, and toward poor quality translations being acceptable. Unless translators are spending their time doing all these other things also, the extra junk isn't necessarily slowing them down or hurting their quality.
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Old 2007-11-08, 22:21   Link #87
psycho bolt
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I got no problems with anon fansubers as long as there are some non-anon around. We run into problems if all fansubs become anon.
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Old 2007-11-09, 00:24   Link #88
Panda Herder
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What really funny is a group with anonymous in its name is actually not. I guess you call it coming full circle?

I don't think most fansubbers do it for fame--though not necessarily because they like the anime either--they do it for fun. Everyone has their own idea of fun...
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