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Old 2007-10-16, 23:02   Link #21
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: State College, PA, USA
Age: 30
Hurray! Much Sakuya in this episode, and the fan makes an appearance!

Great episode, light humor and all the other things I've come to expect from Hayate.

Highlights include:
Great lines from the narator
Hayate's impressive lip-reading skills
Maria's very active imagination
Sakuya smacking the living crap out of Tama with her fan
Hayate's card battle at the end

If all the butler battles are going to be like this episode's, I can't wait. Just long enough to get in a lot of good jokes, but not overpowering the episode.
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Last edited by therationalpi; 2007-10-16 at 23:04. Reason: Added the comment on the buttler battles
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Old 2007-10-16, 23:31   Link #22
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: San Diego, CA
Age: 31
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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
Spoiler for Forgotten moments:
There was one this time? I didn't notice. What time was it at? I must have missed it

Anyways, I enjoyed Hayate's flawed lip-reading, Maria's imaginations, deredere Saki, and the Yugioh fight.

Looking forward to a Hina episode next week, just in time for her Best Moe quarterfinal match.
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Old 2007-10-17, 00:48   Link #23
Yummy, sweet and unyuu!!!
Join Date: Dec 2004
Who do you think got the karaoke room installed? Personally I think Maria was the one

So cute when she goes that is just made her feel even more lonely
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Old 2007-10-17, 12:38   Link #24
Bonta Kun
Know who you are
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Resides within the depths of Ned infested Glasgow
great ep. as most have mentioned the best bits no point in me repeating

best part for me tho is shown in my ava
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Old 2007-10-17, 12:46   Link #25
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: In line to confess his sins.
Age: 30
I have newfound love for Saki. She was just too adorable in this episode.
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Old 2007-10-17, 13:10   Link #26
Style Über Alles
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: NYC/Chicago
a lot of motherly and brotherly sentiments here
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Old 2007-10-17, 14:43   Link #27
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv165
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Belgium, Brussels
Age: 31
huh okay... the last segment was... a triple parody?
Yugioh + Duel Masters + Sailor Moon... that's kinda over the top

nagi nailed pretty much the point about Wataru's "love", heh...

A very enjoyable episode which bring back some good humor and development, while the butler tournament "arc" was really lackluster.
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Old 2007-10-17, 19:52   Link #28
Join Date: Apr 2006
There was a sailor moon reference in this episode? I didn't notice or I just forgot... What time?
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Old 2007-10-17, 23:20   Link #29
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2006
ooo nice catch. I didn't recognize it
The sailor moon reference was the heart going through duel butler.
It's one of sailor moon's attacks.
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Old 2007-10-17, 23:34   Link #30
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv165
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Belgium, Brussels
Age: 31
^ exactly.
I could find a video of it :

the giant heart + the antagonist being crushed by it, leaving its silouhette carved in the glass like attack
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Old 2007-10-18, 07:12   Link #31
ショ ン (^^)
*IT Support
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Freedom Guard Ship Amaterasu
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Wow im impressed they managed to fit that many parodies in the last segment. This would be the second time Klaus has helped Hayate get out of a pinch, i should have known that there would be Klaus card LMAO

Hayate can be so damn cruel when it comes to protecting Nagi or getting what he wants. That was some messed stuff he said to Tama, yet so damn funny.
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Old 2007-10-18, 13:35   Link #32
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Location: California
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I really did enjoy this episode, considering it didn't focus on hayate, and loved the Yugioh reference, and the smacking of Tama! Sakuya was a bit overenthusiastic to use the Harisen, lol!
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Old 2007-10-18, 16:24   Link #33
Snape: "I hate Potter!"
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Australia
My favourite part of this ep was Hayate's perverted lips reading and the Yugioh reference at the end.... I was rolling on the floor laughing when the battle ended so quickly... Funny how they were able to fit a battle near the end of the ep...

Unlike alot of shounen battles Hayate no Gotoku's battles usually doesn't take 6 eps to finish, sometimes it's over in about 30seconds lol.. loving this show right now..
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Old 2007-10-18, 21:36   Link #34
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
I like Wataru, he tries so hard. I have no idea what the producers are doing pushing Wataru-Saki though; not that I don't like it, it's adorable, but why plant the initial Wataru-Isumi path in the first place? To those who read the manga, just which path is Wataru going to go down?
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Old 2007-10-18, 23:59   Link #35
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Good stuff. The "butler battle" at the end was hilarious. Hayate's reaction when he saw that the battles would be on a weekly basis was great.

I noticed they slightly changed the OP so you can see the superintendent and her butler clearly now - before they were just shadows.
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Old 2007-10-19, 01:48   Link #36
Katsu Koneko
Join Date: May 2007
Location: California
Age: 27
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xD The YGO + Duel Masters + Sailor Moon is my favorite part of the episode so funny.

Can't wait for Episode 30 with Meitantei Nagi~

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Old 2007-10-19, 19:26   Link #37
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Originally Posted by holyman282 View Post
Unlike alot of shounen battles Hayate no Gotoku's battles usually doesn't take 6 eps to finish, sometimes it's over in about 30seconds lol.. loving this show right now..
Agreed 100% there. The days of my shonen fandom have died down, so I appreciate these quick ones. XD

As for the battle, I want those cards! Klaus Card! XD
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Old 2007-10-19, 21:08   Link #38
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
^ exactly.
I could find a video of it :

the giant heart + the antagonist being crushed by it, leaving its silouhette carved in the glass like attack
omg just watched that and it takes 45 seconds to attack them?! wouldnt they already kill her while she's doing all that crap? lol

loved the parodies though lol. good stuff. when it first showed the 'beast' i was thinking wth is that hahah
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Old 2007-10-21, 07:14   Link #39
~Power of the King~
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Hayate needs a new title: Master of the First-Turn Kill.
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Old 2007-10-22, 02:28   Link #40
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Non-management 97th world
lol, this episode the lip-reading technique and Yugioh battle + one turn kill ...
Tama so unlucky, hit by Sakuya
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