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Old 2007-10-05, 01:32   Link #101
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Ahh...many thanks!

I am such an idiot...
It already says L2 on the screen during gameplay...

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Old 2007-10-19, 09:06   Link #102
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This thread really isn't quite active at all now, is it? Anyways, I've FINALLY get what those two blank spaces on the NirvashZERO Spec 2 are. They are the seven swell attacks. Now, this may be an interesting discovery for me, but after thinking it over, I feel sorta dissapointed by the fact that this attack can't even be used normally even with the limiter release. In the acctual anime, the spec 2 is able to use the seven swell just by lifting the compact drive. Which means that this attack should be launched at will. Not when yr hp is so darn low that it is impossible to go THAT low unless you stand in those pink field generators which drains yr health for quite some time. Top of that, one of the seven swell attack dosen't neccesary hits the enemy unless they are pretty much stationary...worst still, both attacks have HORRIBLE charge, its longer that the time taken to charge the twin buster rifle 360 roll attack in ACE 2...sigh....why couldn't they have just allow the spec 2 to use the seven swell attack without having the need for yr hp to go sooooo low? It won't make the unit broken in anyway seeing the fact that the attack dosen't neccesary hit the target...
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