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Old 2003-11-13, 01:04   Link #21
(''\(=' . '=)/'')
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well, i vote for moody as new president ^_^
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Old 2003-11-13, 15:19   Link #22
Terabyte needs anime!
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Originally posted by: CardCaptorMoody
pathyfinder, how about this, since i will renstate the slavery system, i will give your own city and populate it with many male sex slaves that you can dress anyway you want.

I'm am so there!!!!! It will have to be somewhere it is warm as I need to see skin! *just to make sure the slaves are in good condition only*

They can ware forehead protectors! Uhmmmmm I'll need lots of sun tan oil *too important of a job, so I'll apply it myself-this should take up much of my day*

Thank you President Moody!
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Old 2003-11-13, 16:35   Link #23
cho~ kakkoii
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: 3rd Planet
Originally Posted by CardCaptorMoody
And monir, i am not planing to kill the people in the cities while tearring them down, i need people to rule other than moodys so the guilitene will be necisary and also, we need entertainment don't we, what is more entertaining than seeing someone getting decapetated just for not liking naruto? And btw, moodys live to be around 27393.75 years old, so no worries, we will be there to see EVERYTHING. I am actualy turing the big six-o-o-o-o on Dec. 7th .
Well, Happy B-day in advance....Btw, you can always migrate people from other continents, if you must waste your resource in a Gillutine...Just dont tell them about your entertainment policy..
Originally Posted by Uzumaki626
monir, try capsule corps, they sell these things and poof it appears, its run by some old dude his family is related to underwear somehow. and yes Vegeta-sama will be there, just stay out of his way or you will be hurt... badly.. scary
LOL..LOL..I didn't know underwears and spaceships could go hand in hand..If Vegeta-sama is going to be there I wont be able to get my insurance from Aflack..
Kudara nai na! Sig by TheEroKing.
Calling on all Naruto fans, One Piece fans, and Shounen-fans in general... I got two words for you: One-Punch Man!
Executive member of the ASS. Ready to flee at the first sign of trouble.
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Old 2003-11-13, 16:49   Link #24
Kitty no jutsu!
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I allready have a world for my own,where nobody rules and everybody is fighting for their lives.Hopefully I've developed my own jutsu who let me take over the body of my opponent if he kills me .It seems that my arms are marked by seals,but I don't know their origin,there was nobody to tell me who I am and why people are fighting.But everytime I can reach the head of my opponent with one of my hands he suddenly starts to cry and he runs away and never come back.There are no raylights in my world,the only lights are made by an eternal full moon who turns red when is supposed to be day.If someone wants to take over my world,be my guest,even I can't handle it
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Old 2003-11-13, 19:49   Link #25
Dictator of the World
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Canada, In my basement playing DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION
sumflip - thank you, look for me in the 2008 elections, but hopefully they won't take as long to count the votes as i expect it to be totaly one sidded. But if that doesn't work, then i will just bust out the Moody army.

pathyfinder - Don't worry about their quality as i will let you hand pick each an every one of them (though you can coose to stop if it is too much for you), and you can choose between a city in A) California B) Mexico C) Florida. and if you want one elswhere just ask.

monir - Thank you, actualy it is my birthday everyday (long story, long enough for a thread even so i won't even go there).

MajinBuu "If someone wants to take over my world,be my guest,even I can't handle it ", Don't mind if i do

Well, i would really like to hear other people's crazy ideas, be it about world domonation or anything else, like a new kind of lightbulb (but you have to find a way to relate the light bulb back to Naruto)

Here for inspiration i will give you a couple of crazy facts/ideas (though they don't relate to naruto, but they should jump start your crazyness)

The earth is flat

The sun is the center of the universe

The one element that is not represented on the Pereodic table of Elements is Moodyum, and there is only one atom of it in the whole entire universe and it is located in the center of the sun, so therefore the center of the universe = moodyum

I don't need to eat becuse i have chloralplasts in my cells which allow me to photosynthesize, so all i need to do is stand in the sun, while you suckers have to chew your food MUAHAHAHAHAHA

hmmm...... Moody is running out of ideas........... No more ideas, anyways, Come on people, show me your maddness!!!!
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Old 2003-11-13, 20:31   Link #26
Terabyte needs anime!
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Columbus, Ohio
WHAT NO FOOD!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhgggg I need at least some pizza sometimes! I don't like being in the sun to long (blue eyed- the light it burns!)

Ah, yes a ice cream no jutsu! Hey if Naruto can do NARUKO, then my men servents can go "Ice cream no jutsu" also.

Have NINJAs instead of police. Have a way to sence the truth and then depending on the offense, they just send over Gaara. dessert coffin - no body to clean up
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