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7 out of 10 : Good 21 10.94%
6 out of 10 : Average 20 10.42%
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4 out of 10 : Poor 7 3.65%
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Old 2007-11-05, 12:21   Link #181
Join Date: Oct 2006
Sucked compared to first.
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Old 2007-11-05, 23:12   Link #182
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After reading the various reviews about how a whole novel is skipped, let me say this:

I agree. It's bad. It's catastrophically bad. It's Armageddon bad. That doesn't mean that the third season, if there is one, is totally ruined. There are a few ways for ZnT anime to revive as a whole.

1. The easiest solution. That whole reunion thing? It was all just a dream. If not both, then Saito. Start off the series from there, and continue.

2. A harder solution - go through every single detail missed, including the date with the necklace present, have a different war, and go through everything again.

3. Sell licensing rights to another (and hopefully better) production studio. We saw this happen with Kanon 2002 and Kanon 2006, and 2002 was not bad to begin with. This way, ZnT can completely pick up the pieces, and go through the road that gave Kanon the glory of being named Best Anime of 2006. Yes, we lose a lot of elements, most notably the seiyuus that make ZnT oh so comparable to Shakugan no Shana, which seems to be winning the war at this point despite a bunch of episode problems, but J.C. Staff should have realized that with various staffing changes beyond their control, ZnT was doomed to fail.

EDIT: Actually, there's a 4th option. It's crazy and stupid, but what the heck:

4. Go through the 8th novel, where
Spoiler for novel 8:
and in the first episode, have another J.C. Staff anime, preferably Shana, confess that the last three minutes was just them in costumes and they were getting paid to do it. This is a perfect fit. Have a confession by whoever disguised themselves as either Louise or Saito where he or she reveals who he or she really is, then explain that last season's ending was fraud, and that Saito did not return home yet.

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Old 2007-11-29, 10:32   Link #183
Minako Aino
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Is it true that Galdalfr is immortal? I read it on Wikipedia and in my opinion, it is stupid. Maybe Saito cannot die, if he activates the power of Gandalfr? But Tiffania saved life not only his life, but she also saved Guiche and the other soldiers. I really don't understand it - is there some information about it in manga/novels?
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Old 2007-12-02, 19:56   Link #184
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Originally Posted by Minako Aino View Post
Is it true that Galdalfr is immortal? I read it on Wikipedia and in my opinion, it is stupid. Maybe Saito cannot die, if he activates the power of Gandalfr? But Tiffania saved life not only his life, but she also saved Guiche and the other soldiers. I really don't understand it - is there some information about it in manga/novels?
Spoiler for volume8:

as for Gandalfr being immortal, it's not mentioned in the novel.
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Old 2007-12-09, 02:12   Link #185
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i've never read the novels or anything, and with the second season i didnt like saito cuz of his ecchiness and louise because of being a hot tempered brat.

Spoiler for how much i hated the ending:
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Old 2007-12-21, 06:22   Link #186
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Originally Posted by AmIaNeRd View Post

Spoiler for how much i hated the ending:
So true. That was exactly my thought.
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Old 2007-12-21, 09:44   Link #187
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Originally Posted by Shabazza View Post
So true. That was exactly my thought.
I 3th that thought...(typo on purpose if you all didnt get the sarcasm =\) And yah, that was a screwed up ending...It would have been cooler if it ended with like a super kiss or something but NOOOO they do some "Lawlz, i got saved by big tit fairy and she was hot!", "RAWRRR!!!! *magic attack/etc.*" Like come on -_- wow.
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Old 2007-12-23, 08:29   Link #188
Supah Em
Join Date: Dec 2007
Age: 29
what really destroyed the 2nd season was the ending. yes, tiffania was shown but i thought it was better if she appeared in the (apparent) 3rd season. that comical event in which louise blew up everything was pure crap.

The series would have ended better during the death(?) of saito[without showing his ressurection] and the early episodes of season 3 featuring volume 8 of the novel. (see spoilers by the other posters)
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Old 2008-01-20, 22:03   Link #189
Protect the Loli
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I hope there someone post the vol 8 of ZnT, All the page summary or the translated volume 8 cause I feel that it just a dream created by Integrated Sentient Entity lol. Very disappointing ending... and S3 , imo , will be filled by tons of fillers and tit-jokes for kids
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Old 2008-01-31, 01:13   Link #190
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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I just saw this last episode, and it was absolutely fantastic. The voice acting was so powerful, and it was so touching and heartrending while Saito was holding back the Albion Army... Saito kicked some serious ass... and I was seriously crying the entire episode. I'll repeat that: I was sobbing like a little girl. It's been a LONG time since any series has been able to make me cry like that. It was totally unexpected, and just for that I'm willing to overlook the goofy ending and give this last episode a 10/10 for being so damn entertaining.
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Old 2008-02-06, 19:44   Link #191
미, 미, 미 미쿠루빔~!!!
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Old 2008-02-07, 11:00   Link #192
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Originally Posted by siber222000 View Post

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Old 2008-04-05, 22:35   Link #193
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Originally Posted by Toreno View Post
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Old 2008-04-09, 02:50   Link #194
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If anyone didn't notice about the third season, the same director from season 2 is back. its official, season 3 is going to suck! 100%
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Old 2008-04-09, 20:47   Link #195
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Originally Posted by marsmars133 View Post
If anyone didn't notice about the third season, the same director from season 2 is back. its official, season 3 is going to suck! 100%
Oh I don't know... There were a few good episodes, right? I liked episodes 4, 5, 9, and half of 12.
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Old 2008-05-23, 12:39   Link #196
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well i guess ill be one of the few people and say i accepted it...wasnt perfect but it didnt suck to a point where i was mad....i did hope for a kiss ending type deal but i did find this show by accident so i cant ask for to much... i love this show and its been awhile since i have been so interested in a show... im just prying for a nice good finale for season 3 that ends it all....shows tend to get crappy the longer they last lol...
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Old 2008-05-27, 00:43   Link #197
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The second season wasn't oo bad... could've been better, could've been worse. In fact, with everyone saying that the lf bit completely ruined it... that's actually what saved it for me.

IMO, this is the type of series that although it does have its serious moments, it's too light-hearted to have any actual deaths (well, minus one). Part of me died inside when they killed off Saito, and I was just about crying when Lousie wept over that flower... understand that despite the various heart-breaking series that I've seen, this was the first one in a long time to bring me to tears. Fortunately, that part was revived when Saito was brought back, even if cheaply. I would not want to be dead inside for a few months, waiting for a 3rd season to be announced (in fact, I've been hating GL for what they did in the end, and pray that the stuff that's supposed to be coming out will change my opinion of it).

Although I am with the crowd who says there should've been a kiss or soemthing at the end, but I'll still take the usual humor of Lousie trying to kill Saito over the breast issue rather than Saito being killed off.
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Old 2008-06-21, 23:11   Link #198
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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
They could have done this one better if they would not have skipped the whole volume 8 (which in my personal opinion were one of the best book in Zero No tsukaima series overall...

skipping the key factor of charcter dvelopment for upcoming volume 9-12 is a vERY VERY bad thing to do.

Since they wont be able to use matured Saito and Louise now, since in anime they do not grow up all that much, the same reunion scene ends up with louise blowing saito joke...

Spoiler for While in novels:

By skipping the strongest character development volume they have now optioned to change everything in Zero No tsukaima as it wont follow novels from this point.

They can still use scenes but they will have to change setting as in novels Louise and saito will be more or less mature from the point of their reunion, at least about their relationship. And this is something that Zero No tsukaima anime cannot do as they have missed their chance of character development and turned it into a few rushed minutes.

I think anyone would agree that putting a whole book in 4-5 minutes is not something one should do. They now have totally ruined volume 8 and with it Saito/Louise character development and
Spoiler for novels:

Spoiler for louise Saito reunion:

Seriously..It is very WRONG. One of the worst endings ever. Not because of the scenes in anime. But because that with this episode they have killed original Zero No Tsukaima. Or at least the characters. As they will have to use dumbed down Saito and louise instead of matured ones from the time they spent alone in novels. And that changes quite a few things...

If before I thought that this season was bad, now I think, after seiing how they totally skipped the best character development volume book in 4-5 minutes, it is a catastrophy of directing now.

There may be a possibility that in the third season, they will dedicate some episodes to flashbacks and include what they missed in order to use the later volumes of ZnT.
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Old 2008-07-03, 10:15   Link #199
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Regarding about the supposed ruined ending, the only good thing I could say that Saito's perverted mention about the fairy at least confirms that it's the real Saito and not some ghost.
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Old 2008-07-05, 23:45   Link #200
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I used to be pretty impressed with the episode 12 ending, I was like " touching...T.T" But then I read the novels and...well, it just made me want to hurt the producers. I mean really...with this kind of ending, they didn't just shorten the 8th volume, they downright skipped over it.
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