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Old 2007-11-06, 13:24   Link #81
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Originally Posted by ThinkTank View Post
Is it just me, or do episodes 14-17 (18 is hopefully the end of the "excuse" arc) seem unnecsssary? Does anyone even really care about her past? I never found my self asking the question why she would do what she is doing. I thought there was more than enough explanation with a radical group that wants to use a biological attack.
Hah...? what are you talking about?
14-15 were only about her past only, and might give highlight how things were gone to such extremity.
The rest is actually giving truth how the past was done, as it has nothing to do with biological attack. you obviously didn't figure much.
It just seems to me that her backstory was not properly introduced and just abruptly stopped the show. It has really ruined a really good flow that season 1 and season 2 had going.
How would you actually show her backstory then? it cannot be shown before Minagoroshi at all, and it would be quite stupid to show it only at the end of matsuribayashi.
The script is done so the truth is unfold so the resolution can go on. If you don't have such things, the end wouldn't make sense without actually the reasons and the means at all.
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Old 2007-11-06, 13:27   Link #82
Higurashi fan.
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yes. i agree with thinktank's part about the fact that the backstory and TIPs just suddenly came outta nowhere =/.

least make it have some sort of transition between scenes.
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Old 2007-11-06, 14:07   Link #83
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What TIPS are you talking about eps 15-18 are Pieces
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Old 2007-11-06, 16:10   Link #84
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The pieces are required to tie together many loose ends. Without them, many things would be left unresolved.

- How the dam manager was killed and why one of the assailants went missing.
- Why Ooishi is so determined in solving the mystery murder case
- How Satoko's parents died
- How Rika's parents died
- Why Mion started the after-school club
- Why Satoshi went missing
- Why Takano kills Rika
- Why Keiichi moved to Hinamizawa


There's no transition because they're pieces, not a normal arc. They're simply pieces of the past. A normal story wouldn't be a piece, it would be the whole thing.
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Old 2007-11-06, 16:38   Link #85
Higurashi fan.
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oh right pieces. i mean if their gonna make a story about it they should revamp it or something. like make it fit. :/

PS: yea im asking for too much arent i =/. least their animating it
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Old 2007-11-07, 13:39   Link #86
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Wow things are really coming together now. So many things have clicked in my head since this arc started. When I saw the hot woman pick up Takano I was like Oh shit hot chick talking to another hot chick in a nice car. NO GOOD WILL COME FROMT THIS. Takano's instability was only made worse by those pigs from the govornment self serving and petty as usual. I cant wait till we get back to the present im really anxious to see how Hanyuu , Rika and the rest of gang handle this one last time around.
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