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hmm.. thats true..
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Originally Posted by hobbes_fan View Post
Actually I've found that the external 2.5 laptop hdds (iomega, lacie maxtor etc etc) can take a beating. I outsource all my torrenting on a 120g iomega 2.5 and this thing has taken a beating. I've travelled all over Australia with it, dropped it countless times and its still kicking. I guess the 2.5 laptop HDD's are designed to take a bit of punishment as opposed to desktop models
I agree, notebook HDDs are rugged things. I have an 8yr old 4GB Toshiba HD that has been dropped, stepped on, bumped, among other things, and it only recently died on me. And on the more current side, my MacBook Pro has a "self-parking" HDD if it senses any severe movement to prevent damage to the disk. Only downside is that if I stand up really fast with it and I'm watching something, there's about a 3 second pause from the HDD parking and unparking itself.
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