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Old 2007-12-05, 16:31   Link #1
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Need More Anime Series :\

At this point, i don't really know what to see,i'm looking for some romance anime
i'm not looking for the comedy ones
that's not for girls like bokura ga ita
that's not boring like Honey And Clover, i don't know why it's boring >_> or lovely complex
that's not an harem with the same type of girls the shy one,the dumb one with glasses, the extroverted one that drinks alchol lol, the one that lives under the same roof as the main char,the childhood friend(maybe the last two can be good)
there isn't the nerd type like tsukihime,onegai teacher(mmm i forgot...There must not be the girl with extreme boobs)
Already watched/watching and liked:
Ef a tale of memories
Black Lagoon
My self,Yourself
Crescent love
Shakugan No shana...this is just too perfect i don't think i will find an anime better than this one.
Zero No Tsukaima
Fate stay night it's good but it's nothing special
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien it was good until the fourth episode lol
Elfen Lied
Moon Phase it was awesome :\
Kaze No Stigma
Darker Than Black.. i really like the relationship between the main character and the antagonist one
Claymore the girl protects the boy
Erementar gerade pretty good
Tokimeki memorial it could do better if there was a suicide lol
Kanon 2006 i cryed a little rofl it's one of the two anime that made me cry, i can't remember the other one >_<
Gunparade March nothing special
FullMetal Panic: it was awesome when she found out that she was left behind by the guy(when she enters in his home looking for him)
There are more but they are not coming in mind.
The ones that i hated or i got bored of:
Haibane Renmei mmm there is love in that serie?
Honey And Clover
Lovely Complex, it's not lovely at all:\
Saikano...oO rofl what is this anime?
Others don't come in mind at the moment.
Ah sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue :P

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