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Burning Woes

I am a newbie, so pls redirect me if there's a thread for this. I need help on how to properly burn DVDs or VCDs. I just can't get the frame size correctly. The screen always expand beyoind my TV screen. And the subtitles always in unsuitable sizes. I use total video concerter version 3.0
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This question comes up often. You need to figure out how to make your software put a black box around the actual video frame.

I find that if I scale the video to 576x432 (for 4:3 series ) or 576x324 (for 16:9), then center the scaled video in a 640x480 black box, the result fits quite well on a standard television.

I don't know the particulars of your software, but that's the general process. You might need to fiddle with those numbers somewhat depending on the quality of your TV. Oh, and these are for NTSC (US/Japan) TVs; if you're on a European standard like PAL, the frame sizes are a bit different, since those TVs have more lines of horizontal resolution than do NTSC televisions.
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