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Setup Questions. Macbook & 5.1 Surround Sound?

I'm planning on buying an external monitor, thinking HP's W1907. It's 19" and has a glossy screen. Ideally, this monitor would be connected to my Macbook via a Mini-DVI to DVI cable. The Macbook would then be connected to a 5.1 Surround Sound System via the headphone jack, which doubles as optical audio out.

The main use of the Macbook would be to watch video content (both downloaded and on DVD). I chose this because... downloaded content looks better on a monitor, then it does on an HDTV. As do SD DVDs. Software DVD players offer a lot more functions, as well.

I also want to hook-up a Playstation 3 console to this monitor. I am aware that the Playstation 3 also plays SD DVDs (upconverts) and Blu-Ray discs. I also hear of the ability to play DivX files is coming soon (or not so soon...) It has a nice music GUI too.

( Am I able to connect an iPod dock to the PS3 via USB, and play the music stored on my iPod on the Playstation 3 itself? )

Would it be better to skip the Macbook, and hook up this monitor solely to the PS3 for use with DVD / HD content / Music? Running video through DVI and audio through Optical (meaning my speaker system would have to allow this.)

I am slightly confused by what's best.

I have an HDTV, but there is heavy backlight leakage and it gets very distracting in dark scenes. Most of what I watch is dark-scene heavy, therefore, I opted to get a second screen, in the form of a monitor.

I'M THINKING THIS... (buy in this order...)

Stick with my HDTV now. I have only played things with Composite / S-Video, and the quality is okay-ish. I am betting I will see a huge jump when I get proper equipment (Upconversion, HDMI, and actual HD content...)

Buy a non-computer-based 5.1 HTiB complete with a DVD upconverter, receiver, front channel speaker, two front speakers, and two surround speakers. I have one picked out that will decode Dolby Digital, Prologic, and DTS. It even has an optical audio input.

Buy an HDMI cable. Run the DVD player included with the HTiB to the TV via HDMI. To allow full 720p / 1080i upconversion. The sound will already be taken care of, due to the fact the DVD Player is also the receiver.

Connect the Nintendo Wii to the TV via Component Cables and the sound will be taken to the receiver via RCA cables (Prologic.)

Purchase a Playstation 3. Connect it to the TV via HDMI, and to the receiver via Optical. I have one HDMI port so I will have to disconnect the DVD Player included with the HTiB to allow the PS3 to function.

I will then decide if the DVD Player produces better quality, or if I should just use the Playstation 3 as my main player.

If I deem the screen to be still annoying even with these HD and near-HD sources, I will shell out for a small monitor and buy some HDMI-to-DVI and Mini-DVI-to-DVI cables.

I can also hook my iPod directly into the receiver...

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