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Irrelevant (and you're wrong anyway, Sega pretty much won the 16-bit war, except in Japan).
Uuh, yeah, right. It saw success in Europe, but it was beaten pretty much dead in USA and Japan. And considering Japan is the place the companies care more about (being Japanese-based companies ) I think Nintendo was the clear winner in both wars

Yes. But Phantasy Star wasn't super flashy. It was well animated and care had gone into the graphics. And it had substance. Three planets, talking with creatures, vehicles, etc.
The anniversary was three days ago. And yesterday was Phantasy Star's.

Not to mention that there isn't much to celebrate. It was a half-decent game. In the West, Final Fantasy didn't even see the light of day until many years later, and Phantasy Star was released overseas in 1988 and was the West's first console RPG.
Considering the topic at hand (read: quiet FF 20th anniversary celebration thread with no intention whatsoever of insulting PS), I think that's my cue to stop paying attention to you

I suspected someone like you would come to troll this thread, but it seems like it took too long for me to notice.

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