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Old 2007-12-21, 21:08   Link #21
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Originally Posted by kureshii View Post
Only in CE ;-) The White Base and Argama were both sunk...

And it's amazing how often this works, but... if you're hijacking an MS, don't forget to threaten to blow off the launch bay doors - they'll gladly open for you. Save your ammo for when it matters most.

If you're in a Mass Production Suit, avoid anything that comes in red/white/blue, has a V-fin, has the word Gundam somewhere in its name, or has scored more than 10 kills. Unless you have ample plot protection or are the main character.
All right. Fixed--they never sink before you
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Old 2007-12-22, 00:01   Link #22
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If you wish to live, flee.

If an enemy pilot starts babbling about the philosophical futility of war, run. They are an ACE. Once again, flee.

Young kids make good pilots. Be ashamed to be beaten by a child who hasn't hit puberty yet, but not too ashamed to not run away.

Standing still in the middle of the battle is not a good idea. All it does is make some retard who can hit a barn wall look cool. If you are standing still, you aren't fleeing.

Don't think about the physics. Just understand that mobile suits are cool, even when you're fleeing in one.

Don't think about the genetics. They are supperior to you in every way, even if there's no logical reason for it. Just run away.

I hear Mars is looking nice this time of year. Better yet, Jupiter.
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Old 2007-12-22, 01:13   Link #23
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^^Some of them are really good ^^

Remember Never Attack the main characters girlfriend / love interest it'll only leave u DEAD

also Main Characters have only one weakness the support role characters.
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