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Old 2007-12-30, 16:38   Link #221
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Naruto acts the way he does partially due to the Kyuubi. Remember foxes are said to be honorable and protect their friends no matter what, as well as always keeping their word.
He will learn, he is learning right now and will become a real Revolutionary, like Jiraiya knows.
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Old 2007-12-30, 18:18   Link #222
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Originally Posted by ichii View Post
If naruto rly wants to be strong he should learn more then 3 jutsu's lmfao, the weakling..
YES!! So right.
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Old 2007-12-30, 18:50   Link #223
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Originally Posted by quashoko View Post
You underestimate Tsunade. The person you described in your post was sakura. I am sure Tsunade can do alot more than we have seen.
-Well I went with what information I had on Tsunade. She hasn't displayed anything new after her fight with Orochimaru. I am well aware that she most likely can do more but right now if all her prowess lies in medicine and devastating punches then she's somewhat at a disadvantage.
-When all else fails, ram them with a force of an 18-wheeler.
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