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Old 2007-12-23, 19:23   Link #1
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Burning DVD's for any player simply.

I found a program called FAVC which makes you DVD's that will play in any player. It works very nicely in converting and burning the DVD. Best of all 100% Free. However you'll need the files in AVI format to convert.

You'll need:
FAVC (Includes Converters plus ImgBurn Software):
AviSynth 2.5 (FAVC uses parts of this program, you only need to install it though):

Once you've extracted/installed both open FAVC and begin with the steps below.

Quick tutorial:
1. Grab video files (for me 6 AVI files at 230mb each fill up a 4.7gig DVD+R)
2. Select Encoder Type (I use HC, I'd use that)
3. Click HC Options tab (I use quality as my settings, it makes the DVD excellent quality but takes a long time to convert, to me its worth it though). Also theres an option for TV Overscan, I'd check this.
4. Next hit audio options. I use these settings: AC3 and 128 as bitrate. The other stuff should be fine.
5. Now hit DVD options. Here you create the menu, its pretty self explanatory. For the background I usually use a Wallpaper (1024x768) which works nicely. Now I have not tried the subtitles option yet so if anyone wants to attempt that please be my guest.
6. Now back to sources and output. Have these options seletected, ISO: No, ImgBurn: Yes, Format: NTSC, Working Files: Keep, Disc Capacity: (select your disk size), Chapter Length: 5 mins (works good, change if you want), Menu: Yes, Encoder: HC, Shutdown: No (I like to burn the disk right after)
7. Now once your ready click Generate DVD. This may take a long time. I recommend not using your PC while doing this either. So I let it run during the day or at night.
8. Once its done ImgBurn will open and your files will be placed in there and ready to burn. Insert your disk and click Calculate to make sure you have enough space. Now check over settings and put them how you'd like. For me I wrote my disk at 2X speed (not recommended to write it fast). Then it "verified" it in 5X after it was done burning.

Overall I found FAVC to be a life saver. I wanted to burn anime DVD's for so long and was trying to figure it all out and this program was so easy to use and its free unlike most of the other stuff I saw. And sorry if its a bad guide but I wrote it sort of quickly.
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Old 2007-12-27, 09:47   Link #2
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I recommend this
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Old 2008-01-01, 16:50   Link #3
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DVD Flick is another freeware burner that I have used with success. It is as good as Roxio (expensive) and easier to use. I did have to buy MovKit that converts several file types(mkv, etc) to .avi and it cost $20, because DVD Flick did not like .mkv. (downside)
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