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Lightbulb Anime Game Translations

Still waiting for a game translation patch and don't want to learn japanese?
I got a tutorial for you then that gives you a crude translation of the game if you do it right.

Start! ^^:
- Requirements
- How to get AGTH
- How to get Fujitsu Atlas 13/14
- Here we go!
- Some useful tips
- The end

- The game to translate
- AGTH -> Anime Game Tekst Hooker
- Fujitsu Atlas 13.

==[How to get AGTH]==
Download it here. Free program!
Clicky clicky!

To check if you have the right version:
Go here

==[How to get Fujitsu Atlas 13/14]==
Well... 2 options for you. You can either buy it from their site. Or you can get it elsewhere. I personally have version 13. Thus I will use it for the guide. But version 14 is practically the same.

==[Here we go!]==
In simplest terms, it works like this:

1. You create a shortcut of the game .exe file. Just right-click the real game.exe file, drag it, and click "Create Shortcut here". It'll be a copy with an arrow added in the corner of the icon.

2. Right-click the shortcut game.exe and in the "Target" field, add the location of the agth.exe file. A /c variable is added so it'll automatically put extracted game text on the clipboard, so that Quick Atlas can translate it. Example:

Target: "C:\Program Files\AGTH\agth.exe" /c "C:\Games\Cool Game\game.exe"

3. Open Quick Atlas. It'll run as an icon of a mouse in your system tray that says "Quick Atlas Mouse Translation". Right click on that icon and put a check next to "Automatic Clipboard Translation". It'll open up a little split-screen box.

4. Double-click the shortcut game.exe (the copy made with the arrow in the corner). It'll load the game with AGTH with it.

5. At the top of the AGTH window, it may by default start hooking system text, ect. Hit the down arrow and select a different process until you find the one that is hooking the game dialogue. Usually this is "TextOut" or "GetGlyphOutline" (but could be others... just check through them).

6. Now on each dialogue screen, AGTH will copy the Japanese text to the clipboard -- it is then automatically sent to the Quick Atlas window you have opened, where the Japanese text will display on the top half of the split-screen, and the translation on the bottom. (I find it is sometimes helpful to change the speed of the text display within the game options, such as setting it to max so it immediately appears instead of writing across the dialogue box -- this makes Quick Atlas able to process it quicker and can fix some problems with text repetition).

Focus..^^ Since that's in simple terms! Confusing?? Here is an example with the game "Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru": Click here for example

Some games require other triggers to be added to the Target line in the shortcut (just like the /c command), to make it run smooth on some games. Double-clicking the agth.exe file by itself and then going to the Help menu will display a list of some of the commands. Most of these are discussed in later sections of this thread. You can also check the for command usage.

If you would like a tutorial of using AGTH with screencaps, check out this one made by FHC: @ Shibuyabashi

==[Some useful tips]==
* Always set the message speed of the text in the game settings to maximum speed. Sometimes if the speed is not set to maximum, AGTH will repeat or miss characters (if text speed is set to maximum and characters are still repeated, this can be fixed using the /ks parameter which is explained in this guide below). Note that occassionally using the fastest speed may cause problems and using a lower speed fixes the issue, but as a rule of thumb, always try the text speed at maximum first.

* If no threads are hooking the game text by default (or are hooking incorrect text), add the /x parameter and look through the added threads. If still nothing, change /x to /v and look through these added threads. Sometimes text is being extracted to a "hidden" thread that doesn't come up in AGTH by default and these commands bring up more threads. (The /x and /v parameters are explained in this guide below).

* If no text is being extracted, sometimes it is the font being used by the game. Try seeing if the game allows you to change the display font, and try different fonts to see if this allows text to be hooked.

* If Atlas is only receiving question marks, do the following: on Windows XP, go into Control Panel > Regional and Language Options, and make sure your Language tab you have east Asian language support installed and on the Advanced tab the language for non-unicode programs is set to Japanese. Then go back to the Languages tab, click Details, and on the Settings tab under Preferences click the Language Bar button. Checkmark "Show Language Bar on the Desktop". With your AGTH window open, make it the active window, and change the language bar from EN to JP (you may also need to activate the Atlas window and change it from EN to JP as well). It should now send texts fine.

* If Atlas is stealing the focus from the game window, then please try the following : You can fix that by editing the windows registry: Start regedit (start->run->regedit), go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, look for the Key ForegroundLockTimeout and set it to a high value, then reboot Windows so that the changes can take effect. (Additional information can be found here from ChronosAI @ Hongfire).

* I had an issue before where suddenly AGTH no longer worked with any of my game shortcuts, even though it had worked before previously with no problem. After clicking a game shortcut, AGTH would load, but the game would not load. After going into the Windows registry (Start > Run > regedit) I searched for "agth" and deleted all instances. After that, everything started working again great.

==[The end]==
Tadaaaa!! You can now play the awesome Anime games without learning japanese. At least.. If all goes well. ^^

If anything offends the rules please don't delete my post but rather give me a pm and I edit it!!! Took me some time this.



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