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Old 2004-03-18, 20:47   Link #1
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Mayfield Hts. Ohio
Age: 30
Shading with Photoshop

I colored the picture and now I want to shade but I'm kind of confused on how you do it. I looked through a few tutorials on CG'ing and I get confused whenever I get to shading. I'm not exactly sure what tools I should use for it. Can someone explain to me what they do when the shade?
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Old 2004-03-18, 21:10   Link #2
Sata Andagi!
Join Date: Feb 2004
Im just a newb at this.. but what are you trying to shade? All I do is pick a value for feather, and then outline the area with a the lasso tool. Then, I use the paintbucket tool and pour the new color inside.. then I delete any color that went outside my inklines. Thats basically it. Just experiment and find what you like best. I find it easier to use a separate layer set on darken and shade that way, instead of multiply.. if you decide to change colors, its easier. Does that explain anything?

Step by step help?

Pick the lasso tool.

Set feather value.
(High values produce more gradual shading, however your selection area has to have an area at least the size of the value you set (in pixels))

Outline area to shade with lasso tool.
(Use the magic wand tool and alt + click and shift + click with lasso tool to adjust your selection) Using multiple layers with the magic wand tool makes this alot easier to do.

Pick a color (for shading, generally use a darker color for a normal and darkness layer and same color for multiply). What I mean by this is, applying the same color in a normal or darkness layer will not change the color of the picture, however in a multiply layer, the same color is overlapped with another area of the same color and it is darkened. Play around for best results.

Touch up by using the air brush and delete unwanted (outside the lines) shading (very easy with magic wand tool).

If you want better help, please tell me what you are trying to shade.. I hope this helps.
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Old 2004-03-18, 22:56   Link #3
Lost in Time and Space
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Less subtle shading, More like anime, or comic shading is to create a layer above your flat colors layer and set the new layer to multiply. Then using the same colors as the lower layer, color where you want it darker. The multiply setting will make it appear darker. It's a neat effect. Picked it up off, I think. From the tutorials section.
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Old 2004-03-19, 10:30   Link #4
CG / Color
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I still have things to improve on in my technique, but I can still do anything I need to.

I just recently got a tablet, and that help a lot (makes it more controllable, and I dont need to lasso off as many things as I did before. Anyway, I basically do everything with the brush tool. I just make a new layer on top of the base color layer and pick a darker color from the base color. If there's some part where it really must not shade anything but where I'm coloring, I use the lasso to select the area that I only want to color in.

Always, if you're using the lasso tool, hit CTRL+H to hide the little marching ants. Makes things easier to see. Anyway, the paintbucket works well for things that are going to be shaded solidly (like if an arm was casting a shadow on someone's clothes, or a building's shadow)

I usually just use the pen tool for detailing work (although my version of "detail" isn't quite as detailed as most people's).

Whatever works. There's numerous ways to get the same effect. As long as it looks right, it's fine.
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Old 2004-03-19, 19:22   Link #5
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Editing pics with a pc program is smth i'll never understand! I tried 2 do a pic, but it's 2 complicated 4 me...i guess i'll stick 2 the old pen and pencil
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Old 2004-03-19, 19:31   Link #6
AG Art Studios
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Location: San Francisco
Age: 41
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I posted this before.

Layers. Learn to use layers. Here's an example I posted before:

Here you can see how I use layers when coloring. Also use the lasso tool to mask the areas that you are working on. When coloring with the airbrush tool, just imagine it as if you were working with an actual airbrush (you don't need actual airbrush experience, just think of the principal of it.)

Here's another picture to help understand the concept of using layers.

NOTE: The Highlights layer is gray only to show what's on the layer since the only color used on that layer is white.

Let me get a little more into the Lasso Tool

Here's another sample Pic:

Here's the same picture showing only the outline and base color.

As you can see in Fig. 1, her left arm has been selected using the Lasso Tool. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to use the Polygon Lasso Tool and select the section you want to work with. Or you can select the Outline Layer (I'm refering to the layer with the line art, the base color and the outline are on 2 separate layers) and use the Magic wand to select the area you want to work with. EDIT: You can also use the base color layer, which I have noticed works a bit better.

Now, on Fig.2 I created another layer for tones. With this layer on top of the base color layer, I can add the tones (shadowing) to her arm. I created a picture zoomed in on the arm. Here you can see that he airbrush tool only colors the area selected. From here you can add shadowing to the image with out interferring with the other areas or the base color.

I know that these are the basics, but you must master the basics, then let your imagination take you further.

Hope this helps some of you.

BTW- Here's this the same image completed.

Which is available on a T-shirt on my website (shameless plug)

Now... I really need to get off my @$$ and write that tutorial for my site. Maybe next week after ReccaCon.

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Old 2004-03-20, 00:18   Link #7
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Mayfield Hts. Ohio
Age: 30
I would like to thank the people that posted there ways of doing this. Peppstar, yours also helped me understand what I was doing better and I get it more how to do this. Also from reading and seeing other tutorials online, I did this.

I didn't do much but I getting to understand how to do this now and hopefully will finish that pic. Also to say that isn't a pic I drew, I got it from the same website where I was using the tutorial.
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