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Old 2006-09-12, 21:21   Link #1
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Manga im creating

The Manga is called Demis below ill ill explain some main charcters good and evil
The storys re about demi gods who are trying to fight and get to death for there own reasons

Roth: Main charecter demi god son of Thor. He is Proud and cocky and sometimes rushes into things head on. His powers include his steel blade circling with electricity.
he also has electrical blasts thunder spear Various electrical shields he also has the power to absorb electricity and anything that will send electricty trough him charges him uo as he feels no pain from it. He also like most other demis has a very prolonged lifespan although not immortal. He also can charge up the electrical power from his body to move at extrodinary speeds. Although this tires he very fast. He weres a yellow and black vest he has yellow he has a head band and sweatband on his wrist and i white shirt underneath is vest. One of his prive possesions is an amulet that used to be his mothers.

Crane(name subject to change): The demi god son of Ares He poses a Huge blade with fiery inscriptions writen in greek (which reads) The fire of war the blade has the ability to be covred in flames. he weres red and black as his primary clothing. he is one of the only people to have his armpiece in the begining of the sieries. You can only obtain it when you achieve a certain lv of sprit power. For him it gives him plate mail armour hos sword becomes even larger and is surounded by flames. Cool and collected he is roths main rival and one of the strongest demis around.

Clara: Formaly a god as a child she was the daughter of Athena and another god (still undecided) she lost her odliness when death and his minions arose Death was asorbing gods power so he could overpower the other. Her father was able to save her life by blocking the blow and abosrbed a full blast death procided to using it on her but when he did the box only changing her to a demi. god she uses two pistols which are blessed by the gods and never runs out of ammo. Her main goal is avenging her father

this will involve greek chinese norse japanese and many more mythologys


Death: He is the master of evil he has the power to bend the minds and will of others to his will of promises of power. He has a massive sythe made of skulls blood and darkness. he seeks to become the supreme ruler of all the gods and take over the land of the gods, earth and hell itself

Maro: the son of death the master of shadows he is deadly silent and acurate he can manipulate shadows into life like forms of the person he took it from although he mostly mainupulates shadow he is extremly powerful with his sword and is ruthless like his father. he is considred to be the most powerful demi god. The main flaw in his shadows are they cant use god powers and ther not as strong as the look alikes. he can target anybody he knows shadow and manipulate it for spying.
Dont be to harsh guys i know the story line is a little shakey but i plan to change it to make it more interesting
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Old 2006-09-13, 03:18   Link #2
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Wow dude sounds awesome, have you decided on a publisher? Whatever you do don't deal with Tokyopop. AnywayI bet the American companies are gagging to get you signed up, the execs haven't seen a Manga involving death gods, Chinese and Greek mythology for ages.

In all seriousness I think this belongs here
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Old 2008-01-18, 04:29   Link #3
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Wow I LUV your IDEA!

I'M SUCH A FAN OF NORSE, GREEK, chinese, japanese, mayan & aztec, roman, & egypt mythologies...

I've been creating one myself... about Norse (my most favorite) of all the mythologies...

I'll post it somehow( I've wasted a lot of notebooks editing the storY)

Mostly it's about the reincarnations of all the norse gods and the monsters...

Main character: Loki... (He's one of the most interesting characters) he's hates boring stuff

Loki being inlove with freya... but frey stops them... blah blah...

Villain: Fenrir (I know... I know their father and son...(wolf?) but... why... (I dont like to be a SPOILER (sometimes only))haha...


Yahoo Messenger add me...

lets chat...
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