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Old 2008-01-25, 05:10   Link #521
a visitor from Moon Moon
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tsk,tsk tsk, yes, maybe he is surprised, but not for the existance of the thrones, maybe he is surprised because they show themselves in this moment, when they should appear later. Like the orbital sniper an the existance of his lacus gundam, it's was early to show them, but all is impressions, let's wait until tomorrow ans see what happen. As we know, not even Veda can predict the whims of the people
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Old 2008-01-25, 05:14   Link #522
Mihaeru Trinity
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well i guess we will know tomorrow. but i just cant wait to hear the voices of the throne pilots and see them in action.
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Old 2008-01-25, 11:01   Link #523
Holy Beast ~Wuff!~
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Originally Posted by lordgemini View Post
not even Veda can predict the whims of the people

or maybe it can?

maybe that's why it choose those people to be the pilots of the Gundam? because they fit it's ideal psychological profile?

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Old 2008-01-26, 05:24   Link #524
Join Date: Apr 2003
Saw a 2.5gb satellite stream for Ep15 on SHARE lol ... wonder how that looks compared to the Conclave release.
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Old 2008-01-28, 23:24   Link #525
Join Date: Jun 2006
First off I apologize it took me so long to respond, due to the weather we've been having service outages where I live.

Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
@darkprimus: I think you assume too much about Dynames' abilities to pinpoint such small targets from orbit. Dynames took care of ground-to-space sniping just fine sure, but that was hitting drifting parts of a space station. You also can't assume the same variables in the reverse process.

And granted that it was possible and that things play out according to the way you predict, the real problem I have with your plan is that you still leave the Gundam Meisters hanging out to dry after all of that battling.

At least Sumeragi's plan exploited every chance they had to evacuate all the Meisters to safety.
You realize it's harder to fire up than down? When shooting up you're fighting gravity and that requires more energy, when firing down gravity is working with you requiring less energy. There is no real difference between ground-to-space and space-to-ground besides that point. The extreme distance, Earth's rotation, etc... are all the same either way. Also, he might have been firing at some drifting space station, but he wasn't blindly firing at it, he still had specific targets (the connector bracings between the sections).

Heck in terms of movement speed the terrorists are probably moving slower than that drifting piece considering Sergei and Allelujah had both been accelerating it. Also, I'm not even saying for him to attack from orbit, I was saying the upper atmosphere, although more likely somewhere between the Mesosphere and Stratosphere. I mean, even without any special equipment Dynames is able to fire through the cloud layers giving him a range somewhere between 2-13 km. In the first ep he uses this range to support Setsuna and accurately hits mobile suits moving at high speed to engage Setsuna.

You can actually see as Setsuna crosses through the cloud layers throughout the fight scene. From the looks of it he ends up above Cirrus clouds, so the range would tend towards the upper end. Yet in episode 15 Kurios and Dynames descend below the cloud layer to attack. Why? If you look at the scene the clouds aren't dense enough in the area to have prevented Lockon from attacking on high. It was bad planning of not taking their abilities into full consideration.

As far as leaving them out to dry, it is necessary. Given the number of mobile units they have to split up and escape on their own to divide the enemy numbers otherwise they will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers (just as they were in the episode). The plan I gave still has them working together up until they have whitled the enemy numbers down to a few squads, something each Gundam has been able to handle on its own.

Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Is Dynames' weapon even capable of orbital fire?

From the looks of it he needs quite an awful lot of heavy equipment to carry around and stability in order to fire. It also looks like he needs an outside power source as well. Ground to space is one thing but reversing is another.
It doesn't need that much heavy equipment. From the looks of it a secondary sensor unit for the extreme range, a bracing unit to deal with the recoil and provide support in otherwise flat terrain and either a new gun or some kind of add-on for his existing gun to increase its range and power. It's not possible to have an outside power source though since there are only the 4 solar furnaces (as far as they knew at the time) so no other source of GN particles exists. Also like I said before, it's easier to fire down than up.

Originally Posted by Narutaro View Post
I agree, I don't think Dynames can snipe from space. the episode where he have the space sniping, he have big equipment to aid him and probably recharge the power of the beam and for other purposes.

if space to ground sniping is really possible to the accuracy of hitting only one mobile suit, they really have no need to ever go down to earth, just spam space sniping for every mission and they'll be safe.

sorry darkprimus, I skim you long post and find out it all revolve around space sniping from above, which I think is not possible. and since I already post my reasoning on why it's not possible, I don't read the rest of your post in detail.
Well from episode 5 it appears to take in the neighborhood of 20-30 seconds for the super long range sniper beam rifle to recharge. Also, it's not a solution. It takes time (no spam fire), it can't attack an opponent if there is sufficient cover due to weather conditions or man-made obstructions and it will give away your position. If everyone knows that Dynames will be sniping from orbit then they can wait for it to happen and attack like in the Gundam capture episode, making Dynames a great big target and needing lots of support and protection. It's more or less a 1 time use strategy.

I already stated my reasons for why it could work with Lockon attacking from high up.
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