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Old 2008-02-01, 18:32   Link #1
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Is it worth subscribing to Shonen Jump

Ok firstly I did a search for 'Shonen Jump' and Shonen Jump Subscription' and I went through five pages of the former and got two irrelevant results for the latter. So I'm assuming this has never been brought up or, if it has, its been a long time.

So without further ado, I was curious about shonen jump because it seemed like a really good deal to me with the amount of pages it has and the price. But still aren't all the manga on there a continuing thing? in other words, wouldn't i be just jumping into the middle of a lot of the stories?
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Old 2008-02-02, 06:29   Link #2
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Thats where back issues come in

You always have to start somewhere, and most of the manga in there probably have individual volumes aswell. So if there's a series you get into you can always order the earlier volumes, and then back issues.

Times like this i hate being in the UK, we can't subscribe to any of viz's monthlies, have to buy them individually through a comic shop, and we usually get them a few weeks after releases.
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Old 2008-02-02, 10:55   Link #3
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If there's a title you like, you're better off buying it as and when it comes out in volumes than subscribing to SJ. The print quality is better for the GNs, and those bulky magazines add up really quickly and take up a lot of space.
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Old 2008-02-03, 07:43   Link #4
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Need to consider what you want from the mag. If it's just the manga, then your better off just buying the individual volumes. However i like Shojo Beat because of the manga, and the articles they run, so its worth buying. If you want those aswell, then yes it can be worth subscribing.
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Old 2008-02-05, 07:26   Link #5
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Well, storage space is one issue that you have to contend with. They pile up pretty fast.

If you just want to be up to date, from prior experience, its not really worth it. Wait for the collected volumes. Its cheaper in the long run since you will probably end up with the individual volumes as well...
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