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Old 2008-01-23, 21:25   Link #61
Join Date: Jul 2007
nyone know if they're going to keep the Japanese ED or just haven't finished the english yet?
It's Funi and they always have 2 angles(JP and ENG) to choose for op and ed.
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Old 2008-01-24, 15:15   Link #62
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First, Asa dub was really decent to me. Kaede, Sia and everyone else wasn't that bad, except...!
Oh Nerine, you lost your awesome voice, but oh well, it's Nerine, nothing of value was lost.

Also, the KKK part was funny for some reason. It's not the perfect dub but I hope the VA's get better in the next episodes (Except Itsuki, he's doomed)
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Old 2008-01-25, 06:47   Link #63
Kozukuri Shimasho
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i'm actually thinking that i'm going to end up watching it on english for once ... the only voice i'm not that hot on is Kareha ... i'm utterly in love with Primulas voice ... might not be that neutral one from the Japanese, but i don't think its a loss with the voice they digged up

but i'll waiting with positive mind for the later DVD's ... with the stuff i've seen untill now i'll be surpriced if they get out of ep 19-22 better ... it's not like it haven't got a lot of negative feedback about the bad convesations

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Old 2008-02-12, 23:35   Link #64
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Well, my guess was right. Monica Rial did get Asa's role I was just watching the first ep. and I must say, the dubbing voice was good....not great but good. Can't wait for the 26th of Feb.
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Old 2008-02-21, 17:41   Link #65
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Originally Posted by wildarmsheero View Post
Anime is originaly in Japanese. It's dumb to watch it in English. It's like watching a Kung-Fu movie dubbed.

...I know I'm breaking the first rule stated in the OP but this topic is just utter crap.

edit: David Lucas as Rin lol

Yeah, I like Shuffle! the way it is, even if I have to use subtitles, although I am learning Japanese
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Old 2008-02-28, 02:27   Link #66
Manji Midou
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This is one of the best dubbs to come out of late, I'm glad i'm not one of those biased anime watchers who go "blah blah blah dubbs sucks, subs are teh l33t!!" or else I woulda missed out on this great dubb.
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Old 2008-02-28, 16:38   Link #67
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DVD came out on 2/26/08 for those interested.
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Old 2008-04-14, 02:20   Link #68
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Thumbs up

I must say that I do prefer the original Japanese language version of Shuffle!. However, at that same time I do believe that some of the English dubbing for this series is decent. By that I mean that I do believe that some of the voice actors and actresses would have been better placed working on the voices of characters of say a few other films, while at the same time after watching volume one and two for the first time in English, a few voice actresses and actors such as Luci Christian in this instance, have done a good job. Carrie Savage, Monica Rial, and Luci Christian are a few of my most favorite English voice actresses, and I do believe that Monica Rial could have performed better as another character, then again she does well with loud characters normally right so her as Asa-chan is well kinda sorta something I could maybe see and so far up to volume 2 I do believe she is holding up alright. She even has stated so herself in both interviews and at conventions if I am not mistaken in regards to her preference of characters for whom she presents her talents through, and on a note, I do not think that many of these voice actors and actresses would be too terribly pleased to see that so many viewers willingly declare that their vocal work 'sucks' or is 'terrible.' Please do try and give them some consideration. Now I must even admit that I do believe some vocal talents could have been brought in to do a better job with the characters CrowKenobi listed, such as Rin, Kareha, and both god-chan and demon boy... lmfao yeah their names do kick butt. Enough of this war nonsense and what not, give your best to the voice actors and actresses, whether they are Japanese, English, and oh yes even the French and German language ones as well.

CrowKenobi, despite what this thread sparked in the ensuing comments, its nice to see someone taking such a stance.
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Old 2008-04-25, 21:41   Link #69
Above U All
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As a fellow Shuffle! fan I must say that I find the Japanese voices to be better. Now I'm not one of those people who will shun dubbs, but I will admit that I find that most dubbs I see don't live up to my expectations. To be honest, when I first saw the sample episodes on Anime News Network, I had a mix reaction. I felt that Kaede suffered from the standard blunder many American voice actresses struggle with when trying to sound too much like the original Japanese voice. It almost never works. She sounds too unatural and high pitch. As for Asa, her trademark greeting was weak, but other than that her performance seemed to be alright. Nerine . . . Nerine is my favorite, quite possibly my favorite anime character all together, so needless to say I was rather harsh in my grading with the voice actress who did her part. In all honesty the deeper voice does work given that Nerine does seem to have a look of maturity, but overall, the original voice that was not as deep and had more of a shy side to it is better in my opinion. Then of course there is Primula and Sia and I feel they do a okay job. There is room for improvement for all the actors and actress for the most part but it just nice to see one of my favorite animes brought over here. I'll continue to get the DVDs as they come out, but I worry as to what the cast is going to do when the series takes the turn away from the Harem and moves more to the Drama side. Only time can tell I guess.
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Old 2008-04-25, 21:44   Link #70
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That sure is true! Only time will tell yep, especialyl when Rin-kun moves more towards asa-chan and Keade-chan well... ya know
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Old 2008-11-13, 00:45   Link #71
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First eight episodes of the dub are currently on Hulu (registration required for mature content like SHUFFLE!. I guess four new episodes a week? lol I only have the final DVD + artbox (and panties), so I'll have to make due with Hulu till I get money.

Although I do like Nerine's voice, there are some situations where she may sound older than she's sounded most of the time.

During Sia's mess of a first date, I almost expected an "Uguu~" to come out.

"Ma~ Ma~ Ma~" ==> "Oo~ La~ La~" (Still, Colleen Clinkenbeard does great as Kareha)

Episode 5:
Rin [referring to pro cooks on TV]: I don't get it. Why doesn't mine look like that?
Primula: suck, Rin.


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Old 2008-11-13, 02:24   Link #72
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Old 2009-09-01, 12:59   Link #73
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I think all of the VAs did a great job, except for Caitlin Glass who did Nerine. I'll do as the thread rules say and refrain from ripping her apart but I will say this. Her voice is too monotone, void of emotion and the way she speaks [overly articulate] is annoying. Especially the scenes between Nerine and Rin, she made Nerine sound like she was reading an essay. Thanks to this woman's bland performance Nerine became my least favorite character. She also ruined Ouran Host Club for me by voicing Haruhi, a character that should have sounded androgynous.

Oh and since someone mentioned it, the "Psycho Kaede" scene was amazing. IMO that was easily the best sounding voice work in the whole series. "Give him back.. He's mine.." That line was delivered so well it almost made me cry.
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