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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite School Days character
Kotonoha Katsura 185 41.02%
Sekai Saionji 180 39.91%
Setsuna Kiyoura 119 26.39%
Makoto Ito 52 11.53%
Otome Katō 38 8.43%
Kokoro Katsura 84 18.63%
Hikari Kuroda 22 4.88%
Other 12 2.66%
No one 34 7.54%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 451. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2008-02-05, 02:44   Link #61
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: below the sky, inside the time
Voted for Setsuna and Kotonoha

-Setsuna = She's the cutest girl.... Even though she liked Makoto too but she still support her friend..... In the end.... I love every part of her.... (and I want to know what is her reaction when she know that her best friend and the guy she liked has been dead when she come back to Japan)

-Kotonoha = because of her psycho mode....
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Old 2008-02-06, 08:39   Link #62
Renaissance Otaku
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I'm a little surprised at all the hate (ok, not really). It's true that the characters were all messed up, but that's why we got a bad ending. Makoto just got too cocky, and refused any semblence of responsibility or understanding of what sort of pain he was causing. Coupled with girls that just didn't want to let go, of course their actions would be despicable. Still, I liked it quite a bit. It's not Shakespeare, but neither is a lot of shows that get high praise (like say the first season of Higurashi).

Yeah, maybe they tried fitting too much in with his sleeping around (the Sekai/Kotonoha bridge scene was rather pointlessly tacked on).

Character wise, I sort of liked them all, even Makoto (at least until he really started sleeping around). Though he was an idiot in how he handled Kotonoha, and Sekai was a fool for thinking he wouldn't do it to her. I think I liked it because, as dumb or deluded as they were, it still seemed rational. It's not like they're fine one minute, psycho the next. It kept a level of believable, so the ending was plausible, if tragic.

I voted for:

Kotonoha - Shy and reserved, not really my thing, but I liked her willingness to open up, and her loyalty. Had Makoto not been so impatient, she would've blossome into a great girlfriend. She did get rather delusional though. I felt sorry for her/

Sekai - As much to blame as Makoto for the course of events. Still, I loved her personality. She was a better match for him from the get go. Shame she hid it, and sent mixe signals. The flower analogy was great.

Otome - A bully sure, but her cute and determined side won me. She didn't entirely do anything wrong, given Makoto's, "I'm not dating her" mentality. Of course, the deal maker was walking away when she saw what a scum bag he'd become.

Setsuna - amusig, and loyal to her friend to a fault. Really what Sekai should've acted like. The only downside was the sex deal and not telling Sekai about France.

The others were interesting too. One hell of a mean school though.
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Old 2008-02-27, 05:14   Link #63
Monster in a box
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2006
I pretty much hated Sekai throughout most of the show, and then suddenly realized when it ended that I actually like her. I mean, sure, she's an awful person, but...well, a lot was circumstantial. She had plenty of potential to not be the horrible person she wound up being.

If I were to vote from a non-biased standpoint however, I'd have either voted for

Kotonoha - Because she's a victim throughout the majority of the show. After a point she really should've just let go, but you still can't help by feel sorry for her as she's jerked around for a good 4 and a half episodes before finally being let down.

Setsuna - Hated her at first, since she does some really stupid things (and if it wasn't for her, Makoto would've officially broken up with Kotonoha much earlier...or maybe he just would've bedded her, who knows, it's Makoto), but eventually reveals herself to be overly devoted to Sekai, and otherwise a good person. And she's no Misuzu Kamio, but I like her take on V.

Kokoro - She doesn't wrong anyone, and is a loli. I sure hope she didn't die.
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Old 2008-03-01, 21:44   Link #64
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Colorado
Honestly, everyone was awesome at the beginning. Then Makato got a little off track and greedy and made mistakes after another.

I liked Sekai quite a bit and Kotonoha has her own pros, both were really nice and well special in their own little way. I won't dislike Sekai because of the mistakes she did, cuz WE ALL KNOW LOVE MAKES PEOPLE DO WEIRD/STUPID/SILLY things. I've made my fair share myself and brings back my times when I first experienced love. That stuff is complicated! If I was a girl I would've made up that pregnant story too :P (not really) but do something out of jealousy and hatred.
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Old 2008-03-01, 22:23   Link #65
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Wirbelwind8 View Post
Sorry couldn't resist but to point that out .
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Old 2008-03-02, 02:21   Link #66
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Colorado
Of course everything was exaggerated because of the fact it was the writers to do the whole storyline.

Im glad my post helped you out
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Old 2008-03-02, 23:05   Link #67
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Location: Might as well waste five seconds of your life; Pennsylvania
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I am sure I am not the only person complaining about the radical steps they took towards the end...

The whole thing was basically running into a tree.

Not only that but I had a hard time buying any character except Kotonoha, except for the fact that she went crazy . In the end, they could only satisfy some needs that I wished for.
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Old 2008-03-03, 00:19   Link #68
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
My votes are in support of Makoto and at times for Kotonoha as well. At the same time, as Makoto's head was turning to his crotch in the later half of the series. I always like to remain with the kinder end of things, pondering may be that he live...just not satisfactorily ever after. Proverbial existence in prison in spite of the death sentence!
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Old 2008-03-08, 01:59   Link #69
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2006
I'll step up and be among the few who say Makoto. Of all the characters in School Days I found him to be the most loathsome of course, but he is my favorite character in the series for the fact that I hadn't gotten so worked up over a lead character before until him. At the same time, I pity him in some ways because in the end, these characters were still children and not even adults. I still found him pathetic, but honestly, I wished that the anime made an effort to show us more of what Makoto was really thinking throughout this ordeal. I mean really thinking... and not just his bouts of lust. Contrary to what many have said, I always found those small moments of "feeling the worst" in some ways genuine for Makoto. While still a complete jerk in episode 12, he might have been (subtly) coming to terms with his mistakes, such as with the tea pot - touch and you get burned. I still don't believe that Makoto was outright being malicious and purposefully condescending. Even though he made no effort to change, there is still the possibility that he was vaguely aware of what he was doing.

They were all merely children, and that is what makes School Days all the more tragic for me to watch.
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Old 2008-03-31, 21:53   Link #70
Remember Law of Ueki
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Makoto is boss. What Makoto wants Makoto gets.
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Old 2008-04-09, 18:40   Link #71
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Chose Kotonoha like the rest for the simple reason that she was the most persistent or maybe because she's a bit wacko. :P

I'm surprised Makoto even received that many votes. I guess many chose him for the same reason Jeiku did.
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Old 2008-04-09, 18:44   Link #72
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(100 for Kotonoha and 99 for Sekai.O_O GO SEKAI! XD)

Yes, I chose Sekai. She's cute, and she is funny. =) I like her ... umh ... Personality.^^

( Arg ... And I also like Setsuna. Damn it, I forgot about her.UxU)
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Old 2008-04-14, 03:16   Link #73
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Well, my vote goes to Sekai. There were some great characters in this anime, but I liked her the most, especially after the ending (truly a sad one IMHO).
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Old 2008-04-16, 07:45   Link #74
Miko Miko
*Graphic Designer
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Location: England
Age: 24
Katsura- She is a great character, and I really do feel bad for her she is my favourite.

Setsuna- She is small, cute and cool. She really cares for Sekai and her friends.

Kokoro- She is so cute, She seems like an annoying but fun little sister.

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Old 2008-04-19, 11:56   Link #75
Join Date: Mar 2007
Voted Sekai. For her beauty, love, courage etc. She and Makoto actually loves each other, until the end when M discovered her pregnancy. Go, Sekai, go

I dont like Kotonoha very much though. She's kind of stereotype in anime, rich and beauty but lack of experience and action, a bit princess-like IMHO.

Setsuna is another amysing character, add lots of spice to the serie overall
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Old 2008-04-19, 13:50   Link #76
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Originally Posted by MysticRose View Post
She and Makoto actually loves each other, until the end when M discovered her pregnancy.
I don't know what you call love, but if you stop loving someone as soon as you discover they're pregnant I gotta wonder how much in "love" you were with them in the first place. Not to mention Makoto had eyes only for Kotonoha in the beginning, even though Sekai sat beside him all year. If she hadn't thrown herself at him like a cheap pancake things would have been completely different.
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Old 2008-04-28, 01:25   Link #77
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Kotonoha simply because she is so cute, shy and timid but she has an evil side to her just like Rena Ryugu from Higurashi ^_^
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Old 2008-05-05, 13:25   Link #78
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kotonoha and setsuna
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Old 2008-05-07, 08:55   Link #79
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Kokoro for me, especially after that Magical Heart OVA. The pureness of the loli outshines them all
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Old 2008-05-12, 23:20   Link #80
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makoko-4some, so jealous

setsuna-noble friend
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