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Old 2004-03-26, 21:14   Link #1
Join Date: Jan 2004
Winry!...and a little naruto sh*t i think..

Yay i got my scanner working again...

HERE is the pic...u can click on the current picture to see the more after sakura

btw....SAY the bad stuffs...i need to know how to get better
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Old 2004-03-27, 04:04   Link #2
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Thumbs up

Winry: Hmm, very good - the only "mistake" I can found is the scarf. I'd make it a little more rounded on the forehead... Then again, I don't know much about scarves.

Hinata: Again, very good. I think that you have captured Hinata's expression very well. Congratulations on that. The biggest problem in this picture is her hair - it should be more... flowing, if you know what I mean. The lines go like zigzagzigzag, when they should be straight lines.

Sakura: This one is the most problematic of all of these pictures... The one on the left is okay, no probelms with that. But the one on the right - it's fucked up. Her hair on the left... err. Also the hair she has on the back of her head... Those places share the same problem, the perspective is messed up. Also, if the metal plate on the forehead protector is supposed to be on the top of her head, well, now it isn't. Her expression, though, is very, very, intriguing to say (And it's not a bad thing).

Overall, I think those pics were all very good - what you should try to practice, though, is drawing straight, "flowing" lines. Also, experiment with inking your pictures. I think they could look better with it
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Old 2004-03-27, 04:12   Link #3
Join Date: Jan 2004
Lol...Im not sure what is on winry's head. I used my ava for referance lol and about the im too sleepy right now...i'll explain tomorrow *yawn*
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