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Old 2004-03-30, 07:59   Link #21
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well sasuke would have gone after sasuke anyway.
Naruto & Cie went on a rescue mission, I bet kakashi didn't mean to send them to a fight. but anyway, naruto is garaa like, only he was not meant to be a weapon, but a hero.
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Old 2004-03-30, 18:44   Link #22
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i think the examiner overestimated sasuke's potential cause he knew that Gaara was somewhat unhuman, I think too many ppl overestimate Sasuke, yeh he's strong and all that but i dont think hes at the chuunin level yet but he does have some fighting skills
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Old 2004-03-31, 05:01   Link #23
The Real Deal
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ermmm baki was talking to temari and kankuro about gaara being the ace of the sand, genma was right in front of them, surely he could have heard the convo and realised gaara wasnt at all normal. I mean you dont call someone the "ace" of your country if they can be defeated by a single genin.

Gai would have handled kabuto, genma vs baki and those anbu whos doing nothing but having popcorn whilst watching hokage fight coulda got out there and kick sound/sand ass. Kakashi can then take care of gaara immediately.

And yea, twice gaara didnt in anyway show he can take on gai both in the stage and in hospital, he also didnt in any way show he can take on kakashi when he interupted sasuke. Normally he wouldant give a damm whos there. Honestly though it woulda been more fitting for Gai to take care of Gaara instead of avenge lee of course.
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