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Old 2004-03-31, 15:59   Link #21
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it's true you are most likely to end up with a mitsuki ending during first playthrough... but it's not the "mitsuki end" good ending... actually from my experience, it's like out of 10 people who has played the game, 8 end up with the "mitsuki dog end" as their first time ending... I guess it's the most common ending you'll end up with during first time playthrough... definitely not the best ending though... unless you are into "that" sort of things

I guess Mitsuki is indeed a "failsafe" character... but maybe not in the way some Mitsuki fans wished...

Oh, and I have a very good reason to support my "Akane is the real main heroine" theory. Akane is, by far, the most well-developed character in the game. She changes/matures gradually over the course of the game, unlike most other characters. How she admires Mitsuki, how she supports her sister, how she turns to hate Mitsuki, how she falls in love with Takayuki (which, since it's the game, represents the player, thus way better than the worthless piece of @#$% in the anime), etc. etc.

Mitsuki, on the other hand, doesn't change at all. It's like she loves you and she loves you and she loves you and... did I mention it? she loves you. the whole thing just shows how much she loves Takayuki and how painful she is when Takayuki no longer loves her. And this girl has some serious issues, she's not only in love with Takayuki, she's straight up obssessed with Takayuki, to an extreme bordering on masochism. She gives me the creeps when you choose to break up with her.
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Old 2004-04-01, 02:30   Link #22
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That's oversimplifying things. Akane is a great character--true--but the role she plays is not as crucial as you may think. You could still have the main gist of KGNE, have the same tragedy and central tension without her inclusion in the story. Her role--though it's well-developed enough and certainly adds another layer into the mix--is simply there to heighten the main conflict of the show. Hell, you even can take away Mitsuki and give Akane Mitsuki's role to complete the triangle--as in, Akane is the one that Takayuki lives with and gets intimately involved with in the present amidst the reality of Haruka's coma. In that respect, you can never take away that role itself without sacrificing the main story and its foreshadowing turning point--the fact that Takayuki is forced to make a decision in the end. And that's the role that Mitsuki currently plays. She's placed in direct conflict with Haruka. (Btw I haven't played it yet, so I'm wondering--how is Akane portrayed during the high school years in the game?)

Your call, but I have always seen Akane as a person having the "best actress for supporting role" award. She's definitely one of the more colorful characters in the game and in the anime, but I think her position in the story--no matter how well-developed it is--is certainly just that. Like you said, it's either Haruka or Mitsuki--or both.

Moreover having a good probablilty of ending up with an awful Mitsuki ending for me has two implications. On the one hand, it implies that it sucks to be with her, on the other hand it also shows that depending on the choices you'll make, you're going to inevitably lose her in a screwed up relationship--or simply just lose her altogether. From a different point of view, there's something that's being said there already, as much as there is something else being said with regard to Haruka's coma. In my opinion, having Akane as the true heroine over Mitsuki and Haruka is just a tad too much. Well, it's indeed a game where you "control" how the story and the various characters flesh themselves out, but still...

Whatever. This is getting ridiculous already. Just my two cents.

EDIT: All of a sudden, this makes me curious of the Akane Maniax game. It's a sidestory which takes place after KGNE, right? So which ending did that one follow?

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Old 2004-04-01, 22:25   Link #23
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sigh, Leux13 u better show me this anime and soon! I wanna know what everyone is talking about! SMACK
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