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Old 2008-04-03, 01:31   Link #1
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Encoding programs Windows Vista

I'm looking for a program to encode my subs onto anime, but I have Windows Vista and as we all know, it's not the easiest thing to install programs on. I've looked all over the place, and no one specifies if its Vista capable.

What I have is, RAWs, and ASS. files, the only thing I'm missing so I can put them online is an encoder. I've read about Avisynth and... Vdub, and what I'm not clear on besides if its Vista capable, is do I need both of them to hardsub? I have Aegisub, and all I want to do is encode the subtitles to AVI. files.

any help would be appreciated. If anyone feels like encoding FOR me, that's also welcome, this is just something I need to do to get the sub group up off the group, subbing and putting time into this, without being able to finish and put it out online will only end up in our subgroup failing before it starts.
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Old 2008-04-03, 05:06   Link #2
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Why wouldn't they be Vista capable? Try and find out -- usually the easiest way to get around. Not sure what you want to encode to; Xvid, Divx, whatnot... so that'd be somewhat helpful to know. If you need Xvid, this should be good enough although it's fairly old. Just make sure to choose Fast Recompress under Video in VirtualDub.
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