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Old 2008-04-04, 02:20   Link #61
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"echo" sound == mistakes in studio sound engineering. The area is supposed to be acoustically dead so that ambience can be added later.
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Old 2008-04-04, 12:35   Link #62
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I have been reasonably pleased with the quality of the English dub in volumes 1 & 2. I wasn't thrilled with some of the word choices, and there were problems with the pronunciation of names as others have pointed out. But except for the - IMO - huge gaffe of not using the literal translation of Ayu's flashback-inducing parting "It's a promise!" in episode #1, they boil down to relatively minor quibbles. Unfortunately, in volume #3 - specifically in the latter half of episode 9 and in episode 10 - I have to say that Tiffany Terrell's performance as Makoto suffers quite a bit in comparison to Mayumi Iizuka. I thought that Terrell had been doing a good job of portraying the sassy and spunky Makoto in the earlier episodes, however I do not think that she handled the transition very well once Makoto began to deteriorate and regress. It isn't so much that she performed poorly, but that Iizuka did a far better job of modifying the pacing, pitch and tempo of her voice in order to convey the different stages of Makoto's decline.
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Old 2008-04-04, 16:28   Link #63
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I love the part where Yuichi is using his "dramatic voice" while reading that love manga outloud in episode 8.
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Old 2008-07-07, 16:54   Link #64
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What's the general opinion of the Kanon dub? I'm planning on getting the DVDs [I'm going to get them regardless.], and I wanted to know how good it is before I get it.

Edit: Ah, my post was moved here. I must have missed this thread, sorry. Going to read this.

Edit 2: Sounds nice. Can't wait. Ignore this question then.

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Old 2008-10-21, 06:36   Link #65
Vegard Aune
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Just curious, how did ADV handle the "Boku/Atashi"-scene in episode 20? Like, that couldn't possibly make sense if they translated it literarily, so what did they do?
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Old 2008-11-05, 09:49   Link #66
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I notice that in the newer version of Kanon somehow missed the context in relation voice to english voice translation. What I didn't like was if you watched in japanese/eng text and then go all EN voice something is missed. I forgot the name and characters sorry about that. But here it goes. When he first arrives at the train station and is waiting on the bench she comes to him and talk to him and her body languages matches well with the Jap voice/En text but when you switch to EN voice there are subtle body language and words that would more reflect the intimacy how she talks to him is lost in the translation. That is why I usually have Jap voice/en text cause there is just something that is lost in en voice translation if I get that option. Granted there are other animations I do watch that has very good Jap to En that matches up very good. But for the newest version of Kanon, I was hoping they would do a better job matching up the emotions and body language from the Jap to En translation. I still watch it and like it alot I have to admit.
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Old 2009-11-26, 07:53   Link #67
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nya i never liked dubs. >_< They do a good job but sometimes the "cute" charas come off as annoying.. or squeaky. I usually search to the pits of hell for subs before watching dubs.
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Old 2010-05-27, 23:04   Link #68
Roloko vi Britannia
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I thought the dub was good although I do agree with some people I was like wtf when they pronounced some of their names wrong, but the voices themselves were alright. I thought Ayu's Uguu was cuter in the dub than in the original.

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