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Old 2004-04-05, 01:16   Link #1
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Question ero-game recommendations

Just wondering if anyone could give some recommendations on some ero-games.

I never actually played one before. I have watched Overfiend, so basically nothing is off-limits. However based on what I've seen around, I would prefer ren'ai over the darker games.

Poking around, a lot of people seem to like 'Brave Soul' and 'Kana'. So maybe I'll check out those games first.

Also, does anyone have opinions on the bishojo games played in an ordinary DVD player like "Idol Fighter Su-Chi-Pai", "Phantom of Inferno", "Amusement Park", or "Day of Love"?
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Old 2004-04-05, 01:32   Link #2
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Definatly Kana. It's less ero than other games, I'm sure, though. I was reluctant to buy it because I didn't just want porn. Kana has a very good and emotional story. If you like the anime based on these types of games (Kanon, Da Capo, KGNE), they you'll probably like Kana, also.

I don't know why they call it a game though. It's a visual novel where you make occasional choices of what the character should do. And the ending I got in Kana certainly wasn't fun.

Only other one I've seen is "Do You Like Horny Bunnies" That's definatly just porn.

I'd be curious to know what other simialar games are translated into English (similar to Kana). I'd pick up Kanon if I could find it cheap enough. There is a fan translation that is about 25% done.
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Old 2004-04-05, 02:37   Link #3
Join Date: Jan 2004
Well, if your going for story. Then i'd say get True Love 95.

But if yer like me and the 99% percent of the hentai viewing population your init for the "action." Try out X-Change(almost every situation leads to sex, even the simple bus ride to school!) and I also liked Immoral Studies 1 & 2 as well(I prefer 1 over 2)
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Old 2004-04-05, 05:37   Link #4
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Kana - Little Sister and Private Nurse are both low on adult scenes, but they have very moving stories. They have only slight plot branching, but well worth getting if you like good storylines more than the adult content. These two rank on the top-three of my list of favorites.

Crescendo is somewhat similar to Kana - Little Sister, but has more girls to choose from and the different paths are more clearly defined. With that I mean that it's decided which girl you aim for very early on in the game. It's less emotional than Kana in most of the story, but I still rank it amongst the best story-driven ero-games available in English. Another top-three game.

Tottemo Pheromone is another of my favorite games. This one is more lighthearted than the previously mentioned ones, and has a little more adult scenes. While it's not really exceptional in any way, neither does it have any glaring flaws. It's a lighthearted and fun story about what happens when a 500 year old witch (who doesn't look a day over 17) makes you irresistible to the opposite sex. ...It's better than it might sound, really!

Critical Point is also very good. It has a great sci-fi storyline with several unique paths (20 endings, I believe), where the very core of the story changes depending on what you do. It's downright scary at times, when people start dying left and right, and almost everyone around you seem to act strangely. Highly recommended!

If you are new to ero-games, I suggest you try a few from different genres and find out which type suits you better. Or you might end up liking all of them. Anyway, the ones I've mentioned above are the ones I'd definitely get.
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