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Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS)

Hands down, best game on the DS, ever. Being Team Ninja's first DS game, it has to be the best first shot in recent gaming history. Just like most other Ninja Gaiden games, it looks great, it's fairly difficult, involves much slashing, and many Ninpo techniques.

The graphics exceed what you'd expect from a PSX game. Everything looks fairly smooth and not too jagged, as you would mostly notice by how thin objects like Ryu's sword stay perfectly straight throughout the whole game. The framerate is great, as you would notice mostly by Ryu Hayabusa's acrobatic movements, and his scarf blowing in the wind. The stages remind you of Resident Evil, since it's 3D sprites moving in three dimensions on 2D backgrounds, but the 2D backgrounds still look great. During boss battles and one certain part of one of the stages, the area is completely 3D, and you have a third person camera on Ryu.

Gameplay is simple. You hold the DS vertically, and you play almost entirely with the stylus, even when moving across the screen. You are able to guard by holding the stylus on the screen, but it's better to use the buttons for that. Every button, including the shoulder buttons and D-pad, are used for guarding, except for START and SELECT...and POWER if you own the old fat DS model.

Controls may be simple, but getting through the game requires some skill. Monsters get harder, booby traps appear, and you also run into numerous puzzles that usually involve your shuriken-throwing or your Ninpo magic. The boss fights, which always involve fighting a large creature, always look amazing and are really fun. After the first few stages, its no longer Devil May Cry where you can hack and slash away, you must chose your moves cautiously.

In addition to using Ninpo, you have various sword techniques. For instance, scratching the screen back and forth will charge up a powerful area attack that goes across the screen. When you go up to an enemy and use your stylus to slash down, up, then up again, the enemy will be caught off guard by your down slash, sent into the air by your uppercut slash, then will be grabbed by Ryu in midair; the two will fly into the air and come down spiraling as Ryu lets go of the enemy, before it dies from hitting the floor face-first in a twisting motion.

Buy this, or maybe watch some videos first. Just be warned that most screenshots and videos don't give the game's graphics much justice. You need to actually play the game.
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