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Old 2004-04-03, 00:30   Link #61
Join Date: Dec 2003
Originally Posted by mulititard
Damn.. I tried this game but it's way too hard. EVERYONE destroys me.
Mwahahha. I'm getting better now. One time I got 43 kos in channel two on survivor(woods) with the angel chick before losing my last life. =P
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Old 2004-04-03, 03:20   Link #62
Kurumada's lost child
Join Date: Nov 2003
Originally Posted by KaeMeera
Yeah, Rag Online was free BETA for a couple years and they just recently decided to start charging people to play it. Free Beta is a good way to get people hooked on it long enough that they feel like they SHOULD pay. Honestly, though, I wouldn't pay for Rag Online. The translations from the NPCs are horrible and the game gets boring very fast. I am sure this is true with almost all MMoRPGs. None of them can keep players for very long. Even Everquest (tho Sony tries it's damndest) gets mundane very quickly. And you're left feeling like,

You never get tired of Diablo and Warcraft though; there are always many uptates and new mods for those games that keep them fresh
"If you educate people, you cannot control them." ~Jacque Fresco
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Old 2004-04-03, 21:36   Link #63
Join Date: Dec 2003
I need info on survival project, is there any fan sites for it? When I search in google it brings up everything but stuff about the game. Grr the name they choose for this game so lousy. Anyway I need to know this. If I use water card will it bonus me if I play on a wind character ?
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Old 2004-04-05, 09:34   Link #64
Laidback Luke
Join Date: Mar 2004
I watched some pics on alot of MMORPGs and they all sucked ;P Everquest, I saw ugly ass dwarfs and stuff like that.
The only one I play is Anarchy Online.
What is Anarchy Online?
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Old 2004-04-08, 08:35   Link #65
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Originally Posted by Umbrae
I probly should have tried WW2 online. But so far I have been looking for a good FPS / RPG for a while now. I am getting tired of FPS's where every one is using the noob cannon (every FPS has one, some gun that is just point in general direction press fire and demolish all matter within a 2 mile radius (ok not quite that bad but close)). I tried planet side, but it was HORID. seriesly the planes moved faster than people, but were talking a jet that moved at about 30mph equivalent. 2 of 3 teams have anti air weapons that are almost garunteed to hit (one was fire and forget lock on, the other is a guided missle!)

Hope my ranting helps a bit. I personaly am still waiting for the MMPORPG/FPS that will make me stop and say "holy @#%^ this game is GREAT!" As of yet, thier is not one.
I'm somewhat surprised that u are one of the very few people who mentioned WWIIO (World War II online). From what I've seen and read, it is an awesome game. Although it is more of a game for the dedicated gamers as 1) u need a fast machine to run the game and 2) there is a monthly fee to play the game.

Oh well, I'd get the game and upgrade my RAM and graphics card just to play it if I wasn't going to the real army this month. And I always wanted to drive a Panzer too .
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