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Old 2004-04-04, 21:01   Link #1
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Age: 34
Street Figher II V and Hajime no Ippo

Does anybody know where I can get downloadable episodes of Street Fighter II V? Furthermore, I know Hajime no Ippo is licensed now, but is there any slight chance that they'll have any new episodes of that series anymore?
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Old 2004-04-04, 22:37   Link #2
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Hajime no IPPO advice .. Buy the DVDs...It would cost you a fortune but, oh well you came late !

I never seen streetfigher tv series anywhere !! they might suck if they released into series, but oh well
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Old 2004-04-04, 22:51   Link #3
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Street Fighters 2 V......... that was old.
I've seen it in lots of stores, but nobody buys it.
You can buy them from if you want.
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Old 2004-04-04, 22:51   Link #4
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Join Date: Mar 2004
Streetfighter II V is licensed, and Manga (the company) sells the DVDs really cheap.

Ippo has over 65+ manga volumes, so there is of course a chance more eps could be made. I hope they do make more.
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Old 2004-04-04, 23:17   Link #5
Join Date: Nov 2003
I hate to disappoint my fellow HnI fans, but Ippo didn't continue beyond the Sendou-Championship Bout arc because it drew such a low market share and was discontinued purely because of ratings. Total episodes: 75, plus 2 OVAs and a movie.

Despite that, the series creates - at least I feel this way - a sense of closure to Ippo's efforts in the Proffesional Boxing League.
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Old 2004-04-04, 23:20   Link #6
Lord Sesshoumaru
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Originally Posted by ShinDragon
Street Fighters 2 V......... that was old.
I've seen it in lots of stores, but nobody buys it.
You can buy them from if you want.
SF II V might be old...but i'm seeing the whole set on dvd more and more now...

they sell it at best buy and least those are the 2 main stores i saw it in...
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Old 2004-04-08, 12:05   Link #7
Hisoka Hajime
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Street Fighter II V is an alright series. I think you can get it really cheap now adays.

Hajime no Ippo imo is one of the best shows around. The first DVD with it's new name Fighting Spirit will be available on 07/06/2004. I advise anyone who enjoys sports anime to check it out. The anime series is only half of the manga and like someone above said, the chances of a new TV series starting up doesn't look very good. However, I'll bet that we'll be seeing more OVA/Movies in the future. Hajime no Ippo is the best sports anime around. Give it a shot.
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