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Old 2004-04-09, 16:28   Link #1
a person
Join Date: Dec 2003
a few game testers wanted: practice japanese to anime?

would anyone be interested in playtesting a simple game for learning/practicing japanese that uses the fansubbed FFVII advent children promo? i'm testing out a game concept that i may extend to other fansubbed anime. i'm looking for testers of varying level of japanese ability.

if you're interested and have time to test it (it's short!) before sunday, and you're willing to send an email with your feedback by sunday, then send me a private message by midnight tonight (eastern standard time) and i'll send you the url.

tech requirements: ~50 MB download (46mb of that is the subbed promo). also you'll need divX installed obviously. you may have to do something to enable japanese support on your computer. and most importantly- it only runs on windows so please, only windows users.

if things go well i may ask this group to test again : ) i'm hoping to make something the anime fan community can use to learn japanese!

if anyone knows of any other similiar projects, i'd like to hear about them. Another one I recommend to check out is Slime Forest, an RPG that teaches japanese.
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Old 2004-04-09, 18:07   Link #2
Join Date: Jan 2004
Sure, why not. Sign me in.
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Old 2004-04-09, 23:32   Link #3
a person
Join Date: Dec 2003
Thanks ^_^

Thank you to people who volunteered. If anyone's interested in future rounds please send me a message.
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