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Old 2007-12-21, 00:49   Link #21
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Just watched Code Gaess. It was somewhat bloody.

Sorry to bump the thread again but i am once again looking for some bloody, violent material.
What the fiznackle?
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Old 2007-12-21, 02:10   Link #22
Affably Evil
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Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal - it's not like the TV series at all, in terms of both violence, animation and emotional impact.
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Old 2007-12-21, 04:50   Link #23
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Ninja Scroll

Fullmetal Alchemist gets seriously violent in some parts.
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Old 2007-12-21, 14:56   Link #24
What is this rumpus?
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I second Basilisk. It scared me to death seriously.
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Old 2007-12-21, 18:42   Link #25
Scala Caeli
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Originally Posted by shiro83 View Post
Black Lagoon (blood, gunfights, action)

Don't forget the season 2.
I'm watching this and yeah, it's very violent and has some blood. I can't wait to get to Season 2, I accidentally saw little snippets of it (that's why I shouldn't watch AMVs X_x) and it looks incredible.
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Old 2007-12-22, 12:56   Link #26
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Apart from those mentioned, if you read manga, try reading Berserk manga. Berserk series look like teletubies in comparison.
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Old 2007-12-22, 12:59   Link #27
Join Date: Dec 2007
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a must see classic and has plenty of blood.
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Old 2007-12-24, 02:03   Link #28
Supah Em
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Age: 29

dont let the cuteness decieve you
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Old 2007-12-24, 18:35   Link #29
Where's my Heart?
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I totally Second Higurashi No Naku Ni also watch the second Season Higurashi no Naku ni Kai (this anime made me turn away) and i watch things like hellsing and Beserk
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Old 2007-12-27, 09:19   Link #30
D a m i e n
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Originally Posted by supahem View Post

dont let the cuteness decieve you
dingdingding!!! pokemon??.. not!!!
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Old 2007-12-28, 21:38   Link #31
Junior Member
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gantz,angel heart and gits, i think these should do !!!
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Old 2008-06-12, 20:00   Link #32
Anime Freak
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Maybe Fullmetal Alchemist? It does have quite alot of blood in it. And theres A bit of gore too. Its a great series!
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Old 2008-06-12, 20:13   Link #33
AS Oji-kun
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No one's mentioned Mnemosyne in this thread yet? Lots of blood, full frontal nudity, a dollop of yuri, a soupçon of torture, and, oh did I mention it had lots of blood?
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Old 2008-06-13, 11:35   Link #34
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Join Date: Feb 2004
^ Second, gets pretty gross at some points. Especially when they try to figure out how much damage the main character can live through.
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